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by Fec
12 Jan 2015, 15:15
Forum: Loading Time
Topic: Loading Time - Math of the Montage
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Re: Loading Time - Math of the Montage

I like how there was a montage of the crew shooting montages, set to montage music. No. There was a montage of them filming a montage of learning to make a montage. That is an aneurism inducing level of meta. Of course it was set to montage music as well, but if it hadn't been would it have even be...
by Fec
17 Dec 2014, 12:11
Forum: LRR Video Discussion
Topic: The Xth Way to Y
Replies: 28
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Re: The Xth Way to Y

Thanks for making me cry, jerks.
by Fec
10 Nov 2014, 16:16
Forum: LRRcast
Topic: LRRcast - Cringe Stories Part 2
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Re: LRRcast - Cringe Stories Part 2

It sounds like Alex and I had a few things in common growing up. Primarily playing with fire and explosives. One time 3 of my friends and myself were in my garage screwing around, no adults home at the time, and we decided it would be cool to find every flammable liquid in the house and garage and m...
by Fec
21 Aug 2014, 11:02
Forum: Feed Dump
Topic: Jerkin' It to WoodsPorn
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Re: Jerkin' It to WoodsPorn

I don't know about the rest of you but I have actually found woods porn before. There really is always porn in the woods somewhere. I also found mall parking lot porn once. Which was actually more disturbing, if I'm being honest.
by Fec
22 Jul 2014, 16:27
Forum: LRR Video Discussion
Topic: The Pair
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Re: The Pair

I rarely post comments on any of the LRR videos, though I watch nearly all of them. I felt compelled after watching this one though. Fact is I've watched it 4 times since last night. Missie is absolutely amazing in this sketch. It's been mentioned here already but this felt like such an unexpected o...
by Fec
28 Mar 2014, 09:49
Forum: LoadingReadyRun Streams
Topic: General LRL Stream Feedback
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Re: General LRL Stream Feedback

Just watched a stream of Goat Simulator. LRR NEEDS this game. Someone make it happen, please. @Boofinka: Everybody likes free stuff. I've never been around for one of your giveaways, but it sounds like a nice thing to do. So my vote (which carries no actual weight) says keep going, and thank you for...
by Fec
18 Feb 2014, 11:01
Forum: TapTapConcede
Topic: TTC - BNG Crack Some Packs
Replies: 7
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Re: TTC - BNG Crack Some Packs

Minor bit of feedback, the card overlay was a tiny bit too large for my tastes. It covered most of the screen and your faces. Still nice to have the overlay back in the last couple TTCs. Aside from that, I love the podcasts. I haven't really looked at most of the cards from the set yet, so it was ni...
by Fec
18 Feb 2014, 10:48
Forum: LoadingReadyRun Streams
Topic: Minecraft Skins for the Crew?
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Re: Minecraft Skins for the Crew?

Since there is no official thread for "Crossing the Streams" I'll just post here. At first I was pretty skeptical as to how interesting watching a stream of multiplayer minecraft would be. Turns out it was super fun. I only caught the last hour live, but later went back and watched the who...
by Fec
18 Feb 2014, 10:33
Forum: LoadingReadyRun Streams
Topic: LRRMtG
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This probably isn't the best place for button suggestions but really there is only one slogan that is worthy of the next button and that slogan is "Fart Pie"
by Fec
14 Nov 2013, 11:17
Forum: Feed Dump
Topic: The High Speed Bigfoot Mishap
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Re: The High Speed Bigfoot Mishap

And just so you know, the ball eating isn't the only horrifying thing about the pacu.


That's right, it has people teeth.
by Fec
04 Nov 2013, 19:43
Forum: LRR Video Discussion
Topic: The Bodypaint Problem
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Re: The Bodypaint Problem

The Jolson part was the only one that really even made me chuckle. For the main part of the video I found myself thinking "Oh they're doing that gag". Just feels like old hat. :-/

Still love you guys though

Edit: Also the "top" button seems to be broken. Maybe it's just me.
by Fec
09 Sep 2013, 20:23
Forum: MtG
Topic: DraftCast 2 - Dark Bounty
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Re: DraftCast 2 - Dark Bounty

Made an account just to post on this vid. I'd just like to say that I really appreciate seeing this. Watching you make mistakes and point them out, not only helps me learn a bit, but as a new player to MTGO it really makes me feel like less of an idiot for the times that I make boneheaded mistakes o...

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