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by Xinran
01 Mar 2016, 06:35
Forum: Sidewalk Slam
Topic: Sidewalk Slam 01 - Royal Rumble 2016
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Re: Sidewalk Slam 01 - Royal Rumble 2016

Fayili wrote:Like others, I'm not really up on the wrestlemans at all, but I enjoyed the hell outta this podcast.

Agreed here. It was really nice to just hear two people talk about something they like for a while.
by Xinran
01 Mar 2016, 06:32
Forum: Fight the Future
Topic: Episode suggestions
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Re: Episode suggestions

If there is ever a point when you might want to try another TV series then I would recommend Psycho-Pass. One of the more interesting things about it would be that escaping or defeating the dystopia in the story is actually presented as a bad thing and the series as a whole is more about the struggl...

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