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by Shurtal
05 May 2015, 17:35
Forum: TapTapConcede
Topic: TTC 84 - Modern Masters 2015 First Spoilers
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Re: TTC 84 - Modern Masters 2015 First Spoilers

I am also being told the video is private.

*Edit: AAAAAAAAAnd they're re-uploading it because of an audio problem. Good to know, I'll catch it when it's ready.
by Shurtal
16 Jan 2015, 17:37
Forum: Crapshots
Topic: Crapshots - Volume 3
Replies: 334
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Re: Crapshots - Volume 3

North Dakota was always essentially South Canada anyway, it's about time it was made official.
by Shurtal
17 Jan 2014, 12:28
Forum: LRRcast
Topic: AskLRR January 17th 2014
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Re: AskLRR January 17th 2014

Dear Dr. LRR,

Has Kathleen ever wished to be known as Kathleen "Dick Joke" De Vere?

If not, WHY NOT?
by Shurtal
06 Feb 2013, 18:24
Forum: Feed Dump
Topic: Vegans, Balls and Whale Barf
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Re: Vegans, Balls and Whale Barf

Am I the only one that can't view the video?

It's just empty space when I load the page.

*EDIT* Disregard this message.

Author is Derp McDerp pants who herped large derps.
by Shurtal
30 Dec 2012, 19:54
Forum: LRR Video Discussion
Topic: Rapidfire S3 E4
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Re: Rapidfire S3 E4

Has anyone thought that maybe Andy's character is the guy that Andrew Shepard (Morgan's politician character from Rapid Fire II) is the guy he lost the election to?

Cause in my mind, that would be great. And if Morgan's around, there's a video idea.
by Shurtal
23 Jun 2009, 01:02
Forum: LRR Video Discussion
Topic: Buttstallation
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Re: Buttstallation

This is probably just subjective to me, but the first few times I saw the title, I thought it said "Buttstallions". And as I read the summary, all I could think of was how they were gonna make gay porn funny. Then I ACTUALLY READ THE TITLE, and I felt stupid. Pretty funny video, though.

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