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by ganonslayer
03 May 2016, 06:55
Forum: commodoreHUSTLE
Topic: Beige [commodoreHUSTLE]
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Re: Beige [commodoreHUSTLE]

This may be slightly off topic but I need a framed "everything is fine" cross stitch in my life. Was that a custom job or is there an Etsy or somewhere I can buy one?
by ganonslayer
05 Oct 2011, 19:41
Forum: Feed Dump
Topic: 20 - Ash Bullets and Wow Butter
Replies: 40
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Re: Episode 20 - Ash Bullets and Wow Butter

I see some sort of soy butter ISC in the works.
by ganonslayer
01 Mar 2011, 05:55
Forum: LRR Video Discussion
Topic: Cursing
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Re: Cursing

Who was that wearing the childs play cookie brigade cape.
by ganonslayer
17 Jan 2011, 09:38
Forum: LRR Video Discussion
Topic: The LRR CD-ROM Game
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Re: The LRR CD-ROM Game

I also clicked on the shirt and paused the video.
*lowers head in shame
by ganonslayer
02 Aug 2010, 12:35
Forum: LRR Video Discussion
Topic: Videogame Fighting Tournament
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Re: Videogame Fighting Tournament

Really loved this video. Especially the bit about the Soul edge tournament. But August 7th is a Saturday.
by ganonslayer
16 Mar 2010, 19:00
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Need Help With Trojan
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Re: Need Help With Trojan

Malware bytes anti malware (mbam) is the best scan for this kind of thing. The scan takes a few hours but it can almost always find what is wrong. If the scan does not find anything the first time I would suggest running it in safe mode. Mbam is really good for clearing a problem after it has happen...

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