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by manbeardo
10 Jun 2015, 11:03
Forum: Fight the Future
Topic: Episode suggestions
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Re: Episode suggestions

Format suggestion: You could take a more conversational tone in the segment intros; the wording you've been using is mechanical and doesn't really match the tone of the rest of the show. For example, you could lead in the story segment with "let's talk about the story" instead of "thi...
by manbeardo
07 Jul 2014, 16:04
Forum: TapTapConcede
Topic: TTC - M15 Mini Review
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Re: TTC - M15 Mini Review

Re: Soul of Ravnica: When comparing against stroke of genius and blue sun's zenith, you need to consider that those spells cost a card to play (whereas soul of ravnica's ability is a bonus on an awesome body), so you'd want to be in 3 colors for parity. Also, drawing 2 cards for 7 mana is great in a...

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