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by rickgolec
03 Dec 2009, 12:59
Forum: LRR Video Discussion
Topic: Tucson or Bust
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Re: Tucson or Bust

I'm amazed by the editing done on this (aside from the syncing) - I can't figure out if the bodies are still of you guys or not.

My favourite was the Paul + Hitler-stache (?) in Vegas - lolz!
by rickgolec
30 Nov 2009, 07:52
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Blanks Do It Blank.
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Re: Blank Do It Blank.

VanHelsing23 wrote:Linguists do it orally.
Linguists do it fluently.
Linguists do it cunningly.
Linguists do it with their tongues.

Oh those cunninglinguists! ,</pun>

I've always liked:

Lawyers do it in their briefs.
by rickgolec
27 Nov 2009, 06:10
Forum: Video Games
Topic: #MW2 Airport Level
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Re: #MW2 Airport Level

I'm with you, octopimposter - I didn't see it coming at all (though I think after the intensity of the level, some willful blindness came into play about what was happening next).

WTF indeed.
by rickgolec
27 Nov 2009, 06:06
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