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by Nebbeny
14 Jul 2015, 07:40
Forum: TapTapConcede
Topic: TTC 94 - Origins Prerelease
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Re: TTC 94 - Origins Prerelease

The point of casting it MP1 or at begining of combat (on the oponents turn) is that you remove it from them as an option for attacking with, and you gain an extra blocker that has been pumped.
by Nebbeny
21 Apr 2015, 04:45
Forum: commodoreHUSTLE
Topic: Downtime
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Re: Downtime

I had to pause to read Beej's shirt, check forums to see if it was available, then register an account to add my question to the rest.

Absolutely loved the video, Alex and Cam had me laughing out loud on most of their lines.

But boy, Cam sure has a strong grip doesn't he.

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