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by ferretbadger84
06 May 2016, 12:22
Forum: LRRcast
Topic: LRRcast - AskLRR April 2016
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Re: LRRcast - AskLRR April 2016

My first Youtube video was from a teacher. I must be from a narrow window. It was difficult to get through.
by ferretbadger84
28 Oct 2015, 13:21
Forum: Qwerpline
Topic: Qwerpline Ep05 - The Several Rs
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Re: Qwerpline Ep05 - The Several Rs

This was wonderful as always. I would like to know if the goat shown on Nsburg signage represents anything.
by ferretbadger84
28 Sep 2015, 14:59
Forum: TapTapConcede
Topic: TTC 103 - BFZ Prerelease
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Re: TTC 103 - BFZ Prerelease

My LGS ran out of supplies before I got to the prerelease so I wasn't able to play. :(
by ferretbadger84
24 Sep 2015, 17:49
Forum: Feed Dump
Topic: Feed Dump 223 - Sex, Politics and Bacon
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Re: Feed Dump 223 - Sex, Politics and Bacon

That was not a bald eagle; that was a red-tailed hawk.
by ferretbadger84
07 Sep 2015, 16:30
Forum: TapTapConcede
Topic: TTC 100 - PAX Prime 2015 Recap
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Re: TTC 100 - PAX Prime 2015 Recap

I think Charm Lands is a great name for them. I shall start using it until you tell me otherwise.
by ferretbadger84
25 Jul 2015, 16:18
Forum: commodoreHUSTLE
Topic: commodoreHUSTLE 03 - Critical
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Re: commodoreHUSTLE 03 - Critical

In this episode Graham is the character ignorant of Greek Mythology, whereas in Friday Nights Heroes' Path it is the other way around. While I realize these are different storylines, the Graham character seems to have educated themselves quite a bit in the intervening years.
by ferretbadger84
10 Jun 2015, 20:16
Forum: TapTapConcede
Topic: TTC 89 - GP Vegas Report
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Re: TTC 89 - GP Vegas Report

Paul, I really like the relevant card name puns you display as people are talking.
by ferretbadger84
09 Jun 2015, 18:11
Forum: Loading Time
Topic: Loading Time Digest - May 2015
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Re: Loading Time Digest - May 2015

Very interesting. So when is the next Krog and Torg going up?

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