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by brothernature0
23 Nov 2015, 20:53
Forum: Fight the Future
Topic: Episode suggestions
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Re: Episode suggestions

Worm - Wildbow Adult/YA Currently only available as a web serial, but the author is working on getting it published. It's a story about superheroes!, but alas it didn't turn out very well for us humans. Might not seem to qualify as a dystopia at first, but then things escalate, and escalate, and the...
by brothernature0
24 Aug 2015, 18:17
Forum: Video Games
Topic: Obscure Game Recommendations!
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Re: Obscure Game Recommendations!

Hopefully these are obscure enough 1. From dust A relatively short game about helping grow and nurture a small civilization to the point were they are large enough to move to the next area of the world. Very stylistic and cool. 2. Interloper Area capturing RTS with a spacey biological theme. Tons of...

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