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by protheanreaper
20 Feb 2016, 12:19
Forum: LoadingReadyRun Streams
Topic: AFK
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What about playing MtG: Arena of the Planeswalkers. Perhaps LRR might be able to preview each expansion as it is released. Also possibly play the game while in character,{Friday nights characters.} Would WOTC potentially contact you to promote Arena of the Planeswalkers like they did your magic: due...
by protheanreaper
06 Feb 2016, 07:53
Forum: TapTapConcede
Topic: TTC - Battle for Zendikar Nicknames
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Re: TTC - Battle for Zendikar Nicknames

Whenever Dan Emmons makes his next appearance, please try to make sure to discuss commander 2015 and about his involvement as the lead designer for the set. Also don't about the walkers in BFZ & OGW and about WOTC appearing to attempt to encourage a superfriends deck in standard.
by protheanreaper
05 Feb 2016, 09:04
Forum: LoadingReadyRun Streams
Topic: Kathleen Saves the World
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Re: Kathleen Saves the World

So why exactly is it that Kathleen is no longer doing streams of JRPG's, and if she still is, why is it not listed on the schedule on the LRRlive page or are being uploaded to youtube. Especially considering that she really needs to stream Lost Odyssey, The Last Remnant, and Resonance of Fate, consi...
by protheanreaper
22 Jan 2016, 15:12
Forum: Video Suggestions
Topic: TTC Idea
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TTC Idea

Would it possible to get Dan Emmons on the show again to discuss commander 2015 as he was the lead designer for the set. Another suggestion would be to attempt to have Mark Rosewater come onto the show as a guest

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