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by Splork
30 Aug 2017, 01:23
Forum: Video Games
Topic: WASD Gaming Culture Magazine
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WASD Gaming Culture Magazine

Hello, my fellow video game aficionados! If like me you find Taling Simulator to be one of the best stream-formats out there, then I might just have a thing for you. There is this German magazine called WASD ( ) which examines games not as a product, but as a cultural phenom...
by Splork
06 Jun 2017, 01:11
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Loading Time Chip Tune
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Loading Time Chip Tune

Ok, this might sound a bit weird, but there is this chip tune that is sometimes used in loading times and every time I hear it it just gets stuck in my head and refuses to leave for days. You can hear it in the background of this one: starting at about 1:3...

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