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by mjtg25
12 Sep 2019, 06:13
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Topic: Thingsonmyhead
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Re: Thingsonmyhead

That was a masterpiece. 100% would watch a reboot.
Also, I just loved that it was talked about in the olympics episode.
by mjtg25
12 Sep 2019, 06:09
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: LRR Vs. Escapists = Disney Vs. Sony
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LRR Vs. Escapists = Disney Vs. Sony

I think it's funny how LRR joked about doing Endgame with Guy With A Cellphone Man, Triple Threat, MegaMan, ElectroDolt (fine, it's volt), and WIZARRDD (it's way more fun to say the way Jer says it), because Disney was doing Endgame with their own cast of heroes, and meanwhile LRR lost ownership of ...
by mjtg25
21 Aug 2019, 06:43
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Moo
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