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by Santhenar
09 Mar 2016, 13:33
Forum: Crapshots
Topic: Crapshots - Volume 4
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Re: Crapshots - Volume 4

"Peter Piker Picked a Pack of Playable Pikers"

Whoever wrote that, give them an medal.
by Santhenar
21 Jul 2014, 13:18
Forum: LRR Video Discussion
Topic: The Pair
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Re: The Pair

This episode really had me smiling, would love to see more situations with these two characters in the future.
by Santhenar
02 Dec 2010, 00:52
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Introduce yourselves! (A friendly topic for new members)
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Re: Introduce yourselves! (A friendly topic for new members)

Hi everyone! I'm Santh. I've been following LRR via the Escapist for a long while and often come here to read the blogs, watch cH, PhailHaus, Crapshots etc. After experiencing Desert Bus III & IV I decided to join the forums. Location: England Gender: Male Interests: Most everything, drawing, pa...
by Santhenar
01 Dec 2010, 22:14
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: ONE Desert Bus Video
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Re: ONE Desert Bus Video

It would be really great if anyone could find a copy of Paul singing Gypsy Rover, that was an absolute gem but I don't know that anyone recorded it.

Best moment was... Well it was all great of course, the rave with all the effects comes to mind. I wish Desert Bus could go all year.

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