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by Lehteb
14 Feb 2015, 10:59
Forum: Crapshots
Topic: Crapshots - Volume 3
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Re: Crapshots - Volume 3

Why wasn't this posted a month ago so that I could start my first class of the semester with this?
by Lehteb
29 Mar 2014, 15:35
Forum: Loading Time
Topic: Loading Time - IMAX Experience
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Re: IMAX Experience

That lab is so much cleaner than mine...
by Lehteb
13 Jul 2011, 17:41
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Ask The User Below You.
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Re: Ask the user below you

Root beer.

Is No More Heroes any good?
by Lehteb
13 Jul 2011, 17:35
Forum: GPLP
Topic: GPLP: Venetica
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Re: GPLP: Venetica

Loved watching the whole thing, even if it took me a while to finish. I personally found the phone call bit funny, but I understand not doing it in the future is a better plan. I have to agree with thatlaurachick, not many heroines in games seem to understand the need for armor that covers their bod...
by Lehteb
09 Jul 2011, 16:56
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Introduce yourselves! (A friendly topic for new members)
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Re: Introduce yourselves! (A friendly topic for new members)

Like half the people posting in this topic, I am new to the forums here. Let's see, my first introduction to lrr was probably one of the earlier Unskippables, probably the Final Fantasy XII one. Although I did not actually watch anything else from here until a few months ago. I am a 25 year old grad...

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