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by demonflowers
08 Jul 2015, 08:47
Forum: Video Games
Topic: The Steam/digital distribution trading/give away thread.
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Re: The Steam/digital distribution trading/give away thread.

Hey all, I have extra copies of Trine 2 - Torchlight 2 - Grid - Grid 2 - Half Mi...
by demonflowers
25 Jun 2015, 07:45
Forum: LoadingReadyRun Streams
Topic: Kathleen Saves the World
Replies: 68
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Re: Kathleen Saves the World

I was going back and watching the archives on youtube and parts 9 and 10 of FFX are missing. Is there any chance those will be added?

Also: Thanks Kathleen! You are hilarious and amazing. I really enjoy watching your streams.
by demonflowers
17 Oct 2014, 08:23
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: The LRR wiki is back! Drop that baby and edit it!
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Re: The LRR Wiki REALLY needs YOU!

I've got some free time on my hands and wanted to add some stuff to the wiki, but I cannot sign up for an account. The section where it says "To protect the wiki against automated account creation, we kindly ask you to select just the cat photos in the box below" does not have any pictures...
by demonflowers
10 Sep 2014, 21:32
Forum: LoadingReadyRun Streams
Topic: General LRL Stream Feedback
Replies: 874
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Re: General LRL Stream Feedback

Hey, love the streaming. I've been catching up on some old stuff and I noticed that the "Let's NOPE! — Silent Hill: Downpour PT2" video is actually part 3, and that part 2 does not seem to exist. I would love it if you uploaded the 2nd part, really want to see what happens. Anywho, great j...

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