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by RosH
10 Nov 2014, 15:54
Forum: LRRcast
Topic: LRRcast - Cringe Stories Part 2
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Re: LRRcast - Cringe Stories Part 2

I believe calcium carbonate (chalk) is actually a remedy for heartburn.
by RosH
22 Jun 2013, 16:54
Forum: TapTapConcede
Topic: TTC - What's the Pick?
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Re: TTC - What's the Pick?

I don't play magic, but I've been following RTR block pretty closely. I can see a compelling argument for Unflinching Courage. I'd probably rather play it on turn 5+ though. Turning a Thrashing Mossdog into a 5/5 trample, lifelink, reach that can be scavenged for 3 +1/+1 counters if it's killed is p...
by RosH
19 Aug 2012, 04:26
Forum: LRRcast
Topic: LRRcast for Occupied
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Re: LRRcast for Occupied

I really liked the discussion about CBC radio... If you want to get Americans to start to understand Canadian humour, I think that The Debaters would be a good starting point.

Also DNTO and Quirks and Quarks can be really good (depending on the topic of the day).
by RosH
10 May 2012, 16:27
Forum: Loading Time
Topic: Loading Time - Calgary Comic Expo
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Re: Loading Time - Calgary Comic Expo

Last time (read: the only time) I was in Golden I had some pretty excellent Chinese food from some Mom & Pop joint...

I don't know why they decided to settle there, but it made my trip from Vancouver to Calgary a little bit nicer.

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