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by TinyGhostOfEmilyCarr
09 Mar 2018, 14:45
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Topic: Escape From Semolo Plateau
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Re: Escape From Semolo Plateau

DM notes found in supermarket aisle:
by TinyGhostOfEmilyCarr
18 Feb 2017, 01:15
Forum: Feed Dump
Topic: Feed Dump 290 - An awful AU headcannon
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Re: Feed Dump 290 - An awful AU headcannon

"Somebody is going to do something to these kids." is in the active voice - the grammatical subject ( somebody ) is also the agent of the verb (the person who will do the doing-something-to-these-children). The passive voice would be "Something is going to be done to these kids (by so...
by TinyGhostOfEmilyCarr
19 Jan 2016, 23:43
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Topic: Bill.
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Re: Bill.

No goodbyes, just good memories.

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