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by Unclever title
23 Mar 2007, 17:10
Forum: LRR Video Discussion
Topic: Down with the Sickness
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Very clever! Heh, that's kinda funny coming from me... Well anyway I noticed the video quality seems a little better in this last video, it just be the lighting but it looked better, and the new logo is pretty cool. When they all had their sick moment in unison, priceless, that mixed pretty well.
by Unclever title
20 Mar 2007, 06:58
Forum: Video Suggestions
Topic: Chose your own adventure
Replies: 12
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Even thought this is from really long ago, third!

Either that or a paint-by-numbers adventure! Though that one would be even harder to figure out.
by Unclever title
20 Mar 2007, 06:50
Forum: Video Suggestions
Topic: Inheritance
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Man, I the thought of Paul wearing a monocle and walking around with a cane, awesome image. Other members of the cast could do it but it would work best with Paul, he's just got the whole demeanor for it.
by Unclever title
20 Mar 2007, 06:48
Forum: Video Suggestions
Topic: Iron Chef Morgan vs Jer
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Yes this is best as a whatever thing, but I think it would be great if it started out just like Iron chef and then maybe went a little more relaxed. But always with full man cooking force HAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!

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