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by Merrymaker_Mortalis
01 Mar 2010, 15:02
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: The thread of win
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Re: The thread of win

Two 1/4 pounder beef burgers with cheese with doner meat on top in a seeded bun is a realistic Win. Further more, an extra 1/4 pounder burger as well for increased winness, however the probability of this event is much less likely.
It's pretty much a jawful of meat. mmm
Don't forget the mayo.
by Merrymaker_Mortalis
25 Feb 2010, 07:33
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Introduce yourselves! (A friendly topic for new members)
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Re: Introduce yourselves! (A friendly topic for new members)

Hello my name is Steve. I am almost 21. I'm studying a Fine Art Degree at Uni. I live in Wales. My blood type is P My Bank details are .... I play WoW and TF2 mainly. I like watching videos on the internets (which lead me to here eventually). I play ze violin. I kind of have to enjoy doing arty-stuf...
by Merrymaker_Mortalis
24 Feb 2010, 19:47
Forum: Video Suggestions
Topic: Altered Numbers
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Re: Altered Numbers

2Fast, 1 is Furious. Sorry that made me cringe typing it. Could be a fast-paced, face-palm movie about a rather annoyed traffic officer (I suppose due to the title ought to speak in a very proper upper-class manner) who doesn't like people breaking the speed limit in his neibourhood. Hugh 2: Wasp Sw...
by Merrymaker_Mortalis
24 Feb 2010, 19:34
Forum: Video Suggestions
Topic: X Ways to Y:The Thread
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Re: X Ways to Y:The Thread

ways to combat Global Warming
ways to avoid 2012
ways to cut paper
ways to eat chocolate
ways to use a computer keyboard
ways to look more intelligent
ways to spend money
ways to draw attention

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