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by Nojh
24 Aug 2011, 06:20
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Civil War!
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Re: Good luck Jer!

Oh. Sorry. I figured there would be but I couldn't find it. I'm not very good at forums. Is there a way to move the post or should I delete it and try to find the thread and re-post it there?
by Nojh
24 Aug 2011, 06:12
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Civil War!
Replies: 41
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Civil War!


Topic Change as requested by Elomin Sha and King Kool.

So what was your favorite Civil War?

Mine was probably the fictional Marvel Comics civil war.
by Nojh
14 Jul 2011, 06:48
Forum: LRRcast
Topic: LRRcast for Interrupted Garage
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Re: LRRcast for Interrupted Garage

I played through all of FF XIII. I think I enjoyed it but I'm still not sure. I remember liking playing it while I played it, but when I wasn't playing it, I complained about it a lot. Yet I'm totally going to play FF XIII-2 as well! Obviously Kathleen, we were brainwashed somehow. Also MASK was an ...
by Nojh
13 Jul 2011, 12:25
Forum: Bonus Video
Topic: More Magic Please
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More Magic Please

So I thought I'd just drop a line and say I've very much been enjoying the Magic the Gathering based bonus video content, especially the drafting videos and this competition. It's been illuminating for a novice player such as myself.
by Nojh
13 Jul 2011, 12:24
Forum: GPLP
Topic: GPLP: Venetica
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Re: GPLP: Venetica

So it took me two days of work but I watched all the videos and very much enjoyed them as background noise that I occasionally laughed at. I would very much like to watch more videos. The Castlevania idea sounds great.

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