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by Lorithad
15 Dec 2008, 01:34
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Really good animes.
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Samurai 7
Rurouni kenshin
Zone of the enders
Magic knight rayearth
Eureka 7

Honorable mention for wanting to be an anime: Avatar: The last airbender
by Lorithad
14 Dec 2008, 03:39
Forum: Video Games
Topic: Team Fortress 2 update
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I feel bad for all the demomen out there. Giving people the ability to break apart sticky bombs makes for the suck for them.

Luckly for me, I don't like playing demo. I'll snipe you any day of the week though ^.^
by Lorithad
27 Nov 2008, 02:56
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Introduce yourselves! (A friendly topic for new members)
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Heya. I'm 23, and live in Chilliwack, BC. Found LRR way back when the 1337 video was featured on xfire. Been laughing silently in the background ever since. Just joined the forum to express my distaste in that dvd combo packs of previous seasons are not available. But, now that i'm here, I might as ...

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