AskLRR - Closes October 23rd @ 9:00AM PST

Talk about this week's LRRcast and what you'd like to see in future ones.
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AskLRR - Closes October 23rd @ 9:00AM PST

Postby James » 19 Oct 2010, 09:49

Sorry about not making this sooner, it completely slipped my mind.

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Re: AskLRR - Closes October 23rd @ 9:00AM PST

Postby Littleman 64 » 19 Oct 2010, 11:48

Hello LRR. Over the summer you entertained me with your entire back catalog of podcasts. So much that I now have multiple places not only in Woodstock, but in games too, which I associate with parts of different podcasts. As I listened I created a list of questions to ask in the Ask LRR thread. Much of them are silly so I don't expect too much from them.

You promised to put you're full ass into every DVD, did you apply that to the commodoreHUSTLE DVD?

In Skeletors Dick podcast, Paul told people to change their bookmark because the link to the news forum was removed and that he would change the redirect and send it somewhere unpleasant. Did he ever do that?

Would you be willing to auction the dreamcast/brain swapper from Brain Transplants Made Easy for Desert Bus For Hope if you still have it.
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Re: AskLRR - Closes October 23rd @ 9:00AM PST

Postby Keab42 » 19 Oct 2010, 13:06

I have been listening to old podcasts and you were very keen to talk about the viewing figures for your videos.

So I was wondering how do your average viewing figures for videos on The Escapist compare to when you used to host them here?

How to they compare to those for ENN, Unskippable and Daily Drop?
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Re: AskLRR - Closes October 23rd @ 9:00AM PST

Postby Furlong » 19 Oct 2010, 15:17

Dear Loading Ready Run Crew,

First, let me just say thank you. Thank you for your thrice weekly Escapist videos, Crapshots, Daily Drop and all the other great videos that you guys have done, and continue to do.

I had two questions for you guys, however.

First, whatever happened to the Phailhaus? Has something terrible happened to the Haus of Phail?

Second, have you ever thought about releasing a 'Best of LRR' DVD compilation?
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Re: AskLRR - Closes October 23rd @ 9:00AM PST

Postby Asturiel » 19 Oct 2010, 15:57

I have a question pertaining to the Let's Play you guys did. There was talk of potentially making it a semi regular thing. Then nothing happened and Daily Drop was announced. Did Daily drop replace the Lets Play initiative in terms of time or am I just experiencing the majestic thing that is LRR laziness (Lrrziness?)?
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Re: AskLRR - Closes October 23rd @ 9:00AM PST

Postby Drinnik » 19 Oct 2010, 16:05

Gonna be lazy and post my questions about Gibb rather than think of any new ones.

1) Where did Gibb come from?

2) Where did Gibb come from? As in, did you make him, buy him, is he a treasured childhood toy?

3) How hard is it to write for Gibb? He seems best used when improved, like during his interviews.

4) Mostly for Graham, do you enjoy playing Gibb? Did you find people talking to the puppet rather than you?

5) Gibb, whilst awesome, could have the potential for over-exposure, is that why you use him sparingly?

6) None Gibb related, but Daily Drop related: Are you showing the drops in the order you filmed them?
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Re: AskLRR - Closes October 23rd @ 9:00AM PST

Postby thorin01 » 19 Oct 2010, 17:08

Dear LRR,

This is something I’ve wondered for a while. In your videos when something goes wrong or some major screw up happens you often blame somebody named ‘Steve’.

For example in the first E3 Trailers video for Unskippable you blamed ‘Steve’ for blowing up the moon. In Rapidfire II Ep 3 ‘Steve’ kept screwing up the church bells. And there are other examples. It seems to be a pretty common trope for you guys. Something bad happens, some major foul up and you immediately associate it with the name ‘Steve’.

So my question is, who is ‘Steve’ and what did he do in your past that makes you think ‘Steve’ when someone does something stupid or incompetent?

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Re: AskLRR - Closes October 23rd @ 9:00AM PST

Postby Dr.Ninja » 19 Oct 2010, 18:44

Dear LRR,

Have any of the RTS fans among you heard of / been following the game RUSE? I played it when Ubisoft had a public beta but haven't heard any reviews of it, what do you guys think?

Also, is the rad resistance from my awesome buttons only applicable if I wear all three?
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Re: AskLRR - Closes October 23rd @ 9:00AM PST

Postby IJJazek » 19 Oct 2010, 20:53

Dear LRR,

While I was in downtown Victoria a few weeks ago rekindling my love of magic (and running into Alex) i ate at pig for the first time and had my love of great Sandwiches go into overdrive. where do you guys go for a great sandwich in Victoria?
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Re: AskLRR - Closes October 23rd @ 9:00AM PST

Postby FateMomAx » 20 Oct 2010, 01:20

Dear LLR,

dead rising zombies or 28 days later zombies
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Re: AskLRR - Closes October 23rd @ 9:00AM PST

Postby Lord Chrusher » 20 Oct 2010, 02:38

With Tim no longer part of the crew who is going to take over his role of community manager? Will Loading Time continue in some form?

How do you see the Runners now? Is everyone on this forum a Runner?
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Re: AskLRR - Closes October 23rd @ 9:00AM PST

Postby DewMan001 » 20 Oct 2010, 04:27

Will there ever be seasons 5, 6, and 7 DVDs?

Also, what do you all do for a living?

And what exactly is Bionic Trousers Media and where did it come from?
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Re: AskLRR - Closes October 23rd @ 9:00AM PST

Postby Master Gunner » 20 Oct 2010, 04:50

What's the manliest single food item you've eaten?
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Re: AskLRR - Closes October 23rd @ 9:00AM PST

Postby aeric90 » 20 Oct 2010, 07:06

I've tried to stay out of the realm of bizarre questions but a friend of mine asked this while watching Hot Water @ PAX and I laughed soda out my nose...

Besides the obvious, which crew members have seem each other naked... and who laughed?
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Re: AskLRR - Closes October 23rd @ 9:00AM PST

Postby 8bitmaster » 20 Oct 2010, 08:32

hiya lrr people. I noticed that there hasn't been any ch for awhile (at time of writing). Also, when you put more up will it end up being a story kind of setup like the first one was or do you like the way you have been doing it better for the second season?
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Re: AskLRR - Closes October 23rd @ 9:00AM PST

Postby glitch452 » 20 Oct 2010, 11:19

What do the members of the LRRcrew do for a living?

Ps. Over the summer I was listening to old podcasts. Like the one where Graham was talking about how the one song from Fallout was about a guy getting with the women not killing them. And Graham Also sang the "i don't wanna set the world on fire song." Well I was explaining this to a friend and I wanted her to hear it, because I really liked the way He sang it, but I couldn't find it. Long story short, Graham, will you sing these please. :)
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Re: AskLRR - Closes October 23rd @ 9:00AM PST

Postby Gap Filler » 20 Oct 2010, 14:24

Politically Minded/Rapidfire questions:
Does the existence of Crapshots mean we won't see another Rapidfire series anytime soon? If not to what degree do the two differ? Also, if we want to see more expanded Rapidfire are we going to have to get proactive and follow Evan Williams' example?

Other questions:
What tabletops other than D&D are you guys into? To the D&D heads in the crew, what are your opinions on the return of the Dark Sun setting? Favourite D&D setting?
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Re: AskLRR - Closes October 23rd @ 9:00AM PST

Postby dex-dex » 20 Oct 2010, 16:24

with all the video content you provide for the escapist, is your plan to take over the escapist?

also I am loving the daily drop!
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Re: AskLRR - Closes October 23rd @ 9:00AM PST

Postby tak197 » 20 Oct 2010, 21:59

What is the worst natural disaster that you personally have lived through?
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Re: AskLRR - Closes October 23rd @ 9:00AM PST

Postby It's My Delorean » 20 Oct 2010, 22:24

Perhaps this has been asked, and I've simply forgotten, but where did the idea for daliy Drop come from, and how did you sell it to the escapist owners?

Also, without giving spoilers what is any particular LRR crewmembers favorite sci-fi series (TV/Book/Movie)?
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I'm so down with that plan.

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Re: AskLRR - Closes October 23rd @ 9:00AM PST

Postby Danzama » 21 Oct 2010, 09:09

LRR crew,

Will there be more Phailhaus and/or Ask Kathleen in the future?

Also, will a new version of ItM (or something similar) be broadcast any time soon?
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Re: AskLRR - Closes October 23rd @ 9:00AM PST

Postby goat » 21 Oct 2010, 09:53

2 questions:

1) where are you getting your mad/sick/crazy beats for Daily Drop?

2) How do you clean up after some of the messier drops (especially things like eggs)? Did you schedule the messier things for later in the shoot?
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Re: AskLRR - Closes October 23rd @ 9:00AM PST

Postby MowDownJoe » 21 Oct 2010, 13:49

Any chance you can convince the Escapist to call Mondays LRRdays, seeing as the video tab is covered in videos made by you guys on Mondays?

Serious question: Say the LRR cast was put into the same situation that the cast of the movie Rat Race is put into, where everyone has to race to a locker in a random train station somewhere in the US and in that locker is a bag with a million dollars. Who would likely win? Remember: the only thing you can't do to get an edge in the race is basically anything that's against the law.
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Re: AskLRR - Closes October 23rd @ 9:00AM PST

Postby King Kool » 21 Oct 2010, 20:37

For this question, I need to preface it with a story.

One of the movie theaters near my home recently closed down. In my opinion, the people who ran the projectors there weren't as good as the other theater, with some elementary cutting errors and other sloppiness always apparent when you watch the movie.

The last movie my brother and I saw there was Inception. When they switched from the pre-show entertainment projector to the feature projector, the green card preceding the trailer was completely blurry. From the sound, I recognize it as the preview for The American. The trailer goes for a few seconds, completely blurry, before the blurry distribution company logo appears: Focus Features.

And I laugh harder than I've ever laughed in my entire life.

LRR crew: Do you remember when it was you laughed hardest, and if so, what brought it on?
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Re: AskLRR - Closes October 23rd @ 9:00AM PST

Postby tak197 » 21 Oct 2010, 21:12

What are your thoughts on the Tea Party movement in the US? On a scale of 1 to "Tom Cruise on a couch", how crazy do you think they are?

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