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Posted: 04 Jun 2006, 20:44
by Discomonkey

Posted: 04 Jun 2006, 20:49
by JesterJ.
Laughed out loud.

Posted: 04 Jun 2006, 21:24
by dark_realm
JesterJ. wrote:Yeah, but if the person is stupid...viola!

i am sure that people also use more then 1 computer to post on here, i can think about 6 computers that i have checkout the LRR forums and posted on them... so again, you fail....

Posted: 10 Jun 2006, 15:48
by Kara
dark_realm wrote:is it just me or is there more and more obsessed fans comming to LRR now?

It's better to be an obsessed fan when you live in their city too. *Points to moi.* ^_^