Talk about this week's LRRcast and what you'd like to see in future ones.
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Re: askLRR!

Postby Efhan » 19 Apr 2013, 13:22

Graham, as the host of Strip Search you have given the Artists all their tasks and challenges.
Do you think if you could approach an Artist and give them a task and a time-frame, they do it?
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Re: askLRR!

Postby RedNightmare » 19 Apr 2013, 13:26

What are the chances of a Strip Dump, aka a Feed Dump with some (or all!) of the contestants of StripSearch?
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Re: askLRR!

Postby KiteNeravar » 19 Apr 2013, 13:27

Oh and if I'm not too late:

Graham, are you around for the eliminations or are you waiting back at the house with the artists?
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Re: askLRR!

Postby theblokeperson » 19 Apr 2013, 13:50

Seeing as how it's not long passed us by, I was just wondering what Grahams thoughts on wrestlemania are. And if he thought the CM Punk/Undertaker angle went too far?

Also I must ask as a film maker myself.
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Re: askLRR!

Postby MowDownJoe » 19 Apr 2013, 13:57

I couldn't help but chuckle over the fact that people who sponsor your live Magic drafts gave you a room for the Convention challenge on the most recent Strip Search. Who picked the location, Penny Arcade or you guys?
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Re: askLRR!

Postby My pseudonym is Ix » 19 Apr 2013, 14:01

Why have we seen so much more of people like Kate, Beej and Cam over the last yearish?

Have you had that first desert bus meeting yet and are there any new ideas in the works?

What is the strangest question you have ever been asked in an askLRR or convention (you're not allowed to say 'this one)?

Pigs or fish?
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Re: askLRR!

Postby AdmiralMemo » 19 Apr 2013, 14:03

Where do you believe you've gotten the strangest inspiration for a video? Or perhaps what's the longest jump in logic that's gone from inspiration to video? (When looked at objectively, the inspiration and video have nothing in common, but if you take this "Wiki Walk" of logical connections, you get there.)
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Re: askLRR!

Postby Arikele » 19 Apr 2013, 14:14

What is your favourite book? and/or

What is your favourite story? (irrespective of medium)
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Re: askLRR!

Postby JackSlack » 19 Apr 2013, 14:16

A week or two back you guys were discussing getting into a Call of Cthulhu game. Did that happen?

Have you ever played any indie limited premise RPGs like Fiasco, My Life with Master or Grey Ranks? What about the card/story telling game Gloom?

If not, would you accept a challenge to play Gloom on camera at Desert Bus?
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Re: askLRR!

Postby Bergie » 19 Apr 2013, 14:24

1) If you were to live in any other city in Canada, which one would you most prefer? (not that we really have to, but let us limit this to those with populations of 100,000 or more).

2) Many of you did post secondary: What were your respective majors/subjects/trades? (can expand to accessory members of LRR like Cam and Beej if there is time).

3) If you were to die tomorrow, what would you like your last meal to be?

4) Who would win in a fight: A block of White Chedder Cheese or a nice pate'?

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