LRRcast for 2014-01-17

Talk about this week's LRRcast and what you'd like to see in future ones.
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LRRcast for 2014-01-17

Postby Graham » 19 Jan 2014, 17:07

The crew answers all your burning questions! A lot of questions about LoadingReadyLive and 2014 in general.
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Re: LRRcast for 2014-01-17

Postby Jenelmo » 19 Jan 2014, 19:03

I didn't realize that the 6th Layton game came out 4 months earlier in Europe, as 4 of them came out at least a month earlier in North America than Europe and the last game came out 2 days earlier in Europe than North America.
Now i am actually curious on why the delay
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Re: LRRcast for 2014-01-17

Postby deathjavu » 19 Jan 2014, 19:17

Oh, Kathleen...

We're definitely drinking alcohol.

Well, some of us.

I mean, after Prayer Warrior we all needed a drink.
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Re: LRRcast for 2014-01-17

Postby Gap Filler » 20 Jan 2014, 04:57

Forty five fecking dollars for Origin of Symmetry‽ Those were the days, eh?
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Re: LRRcast for 2014-01-17

Postby Kyran » 20 Jan 2014, 07:33

There's a drinking game!? Where!? I'm not a high functioning alcoholic. Shutup. Just show me the link!

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