LRRcast - Cellphone Home Screen Part 2

Talk about this week's LRRcast and what you'd like to see in future ones.
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LRRcast - Cellphone Home Screen Part 2

Postby Graham » 01 May 2015, 17:13

This week Beej, Graham and Kathleen share with you their home screen setups and the apps that occupy them.

Where My Home Screen At:
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Re: LRRcast - Cellphone Home Screen Part 2

Postby Dr.Susse » 01 May 2015, 23:58

I am totally cool with the headset mikes.
I don't think that'll detract too much from the video.

.....only sad thing about the Xperia is the overheating/ screen crack issue.
I loved mine but I went through three because of the same issue.

.................I've got to stop editing this post...
But, (Australian) the Unknown and Tame singles so far are so amazing it's wonderful! 2015 is fantastic, here's to new Mac Demarco.
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Re: LRRcast - Cellphone Home Screen Part 2

Postby Senstaku » 02 May 2015, 04:32

Kathleen and I are similar in our use of home screens - mine is super compact.

The only thing that I would add is; As someone who does use the default iTunes music player, it actually -does- sort by Artist, or by Album, or by Songs - not just by songs. It might not have originally, but it does now.
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Re: LRRcast - Cellphone Home Screen Part 2

Postby TheGeek » 02 May 2015, 20:41

I'm with Graham on The Duke (aka the iPhone 6 Plus). I too am a big guy with sandwich plate sized hands so the big phone is just fine. Plus the fact that I have vision problems( ie can't see shit without my glasses) the bigger screen is great. Until I got The Duke I could only play Clash of Clans (and some other games) on my iPad and when that died in The Flood having the big phone kept me in the game.
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Re: LRRcast - Cellphone Home Screen Part 2

Postby Jollyskull » 03 May 2015, 13:21

The most interesting part of this podcast is talking about texting as preferred form of communication. It is clear that these people do not spend that much time driving. I drive at least 1.5 hours a day and find that the phone is still important as texting and driving is a disastrous task.

Edit: I am very much like Kathleen in my facebook use as I use it to tell me about events and keep track of friends movements.
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Re: LRRcast - Cellphone Home Screen Part 2

Postby Jonci » 05 May 2015, 06:13

The audio podcast has a weird static to it.
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