LRRcast - Christmas Traditions Part: 2

Talk about this week's LRRcast and what you'd like to see in future ones.
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LRRcast - Christmas Traditions Part: 2

Postby Paul » 24 Dec 2015, 10:12

Join James, Ian and Alex in part two of our Christmas traditions episode.
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Re: LRRcast - Christmas Traditions Part: 2

Postby Trippzen » 24 Dec 2015, 13:01

I was actually wondering about the oranges while listening to the part 1 podcast because my family always put an orange in the stocking as well and I also have no idea how far that tradition extents or where it started. I have learned that it's not just the Pacific Northwest (my family is from Seattle and Alaska) as my coworkers in Baltimore all do that too, though they sometimes use different oranges instead of the typical clementine.

Google revealed a variety of explanations.
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Re: LRRcast - Christmas Traditions Part: 2

Postby ritchards » 24 Dec 2015, 13:53

Being in New Zealand we have a lot of differences...although some similarities.

But one thing I've never encountered over here is Eggnog. No idea what it is or why it's a thing people want.
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Re: LRRcast - Christmas Traditions Part: 2

Postby Omega00024 » 24 Dec 2015, 17:24

A Christmas Movie that is a must watch every year for me is the 1955 classic "We're No Angels". It stars Humphrey Bogart, Peter Ustinov, and Aldo Ray. It is a phenomenal film that's amazingly well written and criminally unknown. I guarantee it is worth a look.

In any case, Merry C-word and Happy Holidays, LRR!
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Re: LRRcast - Christmas Traditions Part: 2

Postby Master Gunner » 25 Dec 2015, 11:17

You eat perogies simply because they're the best.

My family handled stockings by letting my brothers and I all go down and unpack to stockings so long as it was after 7, and we were all up doing it together. That'd keep us busy until my parents would wander down whenever they were ready, and we'd unwrap the "main" gifts after we'd all had breakfast.
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Re: LRRcast - Christmas Traditions Part: 2

Postby Dusk_Shine » 26 Dec 2015, 10:52

Being from Indiana, I can say that the tangerine/mandarin/any other small orange-like device is a tradition here as well. Which is strange that my mother still does it, because I still don't ever eat them.
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Re: LRRcast - Christmas Traditions Part: 2

Postby BlueChloroplast » 28 Dec 2015, 10:23

I am from Toronto. My family would do one present before church in the morning and the rest after. As is tradition we get a toblerone (6cm edge length of the triangles), a large orange in the toe, nuts, dried fruit, and some non food little presenty thing. I like fruit cake, but I find most supermarket stuff too dry and too little stuff. I want to make a real brandy one sometime.
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Re: LRRcast - Christmas Traditions Part: 2

Postby unpronounceable » 28 Dec 2015, 22:09

The only Christmas things I need to consume every year are A Muppet Family Christmas, and Super Mario's Sleigh Ride. The former was probably the only Muppets thing I knew before highschool, though I knew Sesame Street. I was also the only Fraggle thing I saw until my sister bought the DVDs.

Super Mario's Sleigh Ride is a Christmas/Mario World medley because I'm a geek.
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Re: LRRcast - Christmas Traditions Part: 2

Postby Paviel » 03 Jan 2016, 14:20

Peak Christmas age for me was 10. I didn't enjoy Christmas nearly as much when I was 11, nor have I enjoyed Christmas very much since then. Getting Christmas presents just isn't that fun when you already have everything you want.
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Re: LRRcast - Christmas Traditions Part: 2

Postby jkefka » 19 Jan 2016, 10:56

This doesn't show up on the lrrcast youtube playlist, by the way.

What Ian is describing at the start seems like a variant on blintzes, though the baking with cream sounds a little different. It shows up in a few eastern european traditions (at least, a few Jewish ones), and is incredibly delicious and all the cholesterol you will need for the next year and a half. Like all the best eastern european food.
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LRRcast Christmas Traditions Part 2

Postby richardmlldk » 08 Aug 2017, 21:09

Do you all have any christmas eve traditions?? Sorry if this post has already been made by someone else
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