LRRcast - Best of 2015 Part 2

Talk about this week's LRRcast and what you'd like to see in future ones.
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LRRcast - Best of 2015 Part 2

Postby Graham » 21 Jan 2016, 16:56

It's part two of our Best of 2015 LRRcast! This week join Graham, Ian and Alex as they talk about all their favourite movies, games, TV shows and everything in between!
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Re: LRRcast - Best of 2015 Part 2

Postby King Kool » 21 Jan 2016, 18:49

Ian, if you heard that The Good Dinosaur was the better Pixar film this year, you heard very wrong indeed.

I actually think Writing's On The Wall was the high point of the movie, but I was really not into Spectre at all.
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Re: LRRcast - Best of 2015 Part 2

Postby Eric the Orange » 22 Jan 2016, 02:43

It's funny playing games this year two of the ones that are big immediately made me think of certain LRR people.

The Beginners Guide made me think "this is a game for Alex". I haven't bothered him about it because I know how he hates that, but I do feel that game would really connect with him.

And Undertale, while I think most of the LRR peeps would like it. I actually think Heather would get the most out of it. She already seems to feel a lot for characters in games and I think that would only enhance her experience of this game. The only problem is the bullet hell stuff can get pretty tough and I don't know how good she is at that kind of thing.
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Re: LRRcast - Best of 2015 Part 2

Postby Moussefilledkitten » 22 Jan 2016, 08:40

I really like Sense8 for TV this year. It's flawed, but enjoyable. As was quoted in the podcast, you can't really accuse the Wachowskis of being boring.
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Re: LRRcast - Best of 2015 Part 2

Postby RoboNixon » 22 Jan 2016, 09:13

Fallout 4 was hands down my game of the year, especially after leveling my railway gun renamed The Mangler. 60+ hours easily.
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Re: LRRcast - Best of 2015 Part 2

Postby Master Gunner » 22 Jan 2016, 16:31

I just got...bored of Fallout 4.

My main issues are the lack of choice and non-main-quest story (as Graham said, it's always everybody shooting at you), and that it (along with FO3) don't fit with the themes of the earlier games.

Mechanically, I think it's the best (at least of the modern Fallout games - I'm still iffy on removing the skills in exchange for the new Perk system, but I admit it's more streamlined), and it does have a fantastic environment and setting lined up - it just doesn't do much with it. I've put in 20 hours or so (which admittedly isn't a bad amount of gameplay) and feel I've already experienced everything the game has to offer, despite barely touching the main quest or most of the map - and I feel I hit that point 10 hours ago.
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Re: LRRcast - Best of 2015 Part 2

Postby Dandinstorm12 » 23 Jan 2016, 20:05

Well. Football was meh this year, LRR is was awesome and magic....did things. Also I enjoyed FO:4
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Re: LRRcast - Best of 2015 Part 2

Postby map » 23 Jan 2016, 23:52

Here's a collection of the things mentioned, for your convenience.
(I had links for all of them, but the forum thinks it's spam. :cry: )


Fury Road
The Force Awakens
Jupiter Ascending
Terminator Genisys
Pitch Perfect 2
Age of Ultron
The Martian
Inside Out
The Good Dinosaur
Ex Machina


Pacman 256
The Beginner’s Guide
Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
Fallout 4


Seth Boyer - Get Rekt
Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra - The Last
Neil Cicierega - Bustin


The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl
Darth Vader


Gaki no Tsukai
"No Laughing" batsu game
Late Show
The Daily Show
The Late Late Show with James Corden
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
Jessica Jones
NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn
WrestleMania XXXI (?)
Roman Reigns and Tater Tots
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Re: LRRcast - Best of 2015 Part 2

Postby Lord Hosk » 23 Jan 2016, 23:55

Star Wars felt like it should have been a 2 hour movie and that some bits of story got just chopped for time to make it 90 minutes not for any movie reason. There felt like there were some holes where Scene A led to scene b led to scene d led to scene f, and you were left saying "ok... there must be more between B and D...

There were several scenes were the charicters sort of acted like "well everyone knows this fact so we wont talk about it" like "red lightsaber = bad guy" but they never established that in the films.

They establish that the first order is "not the empire" but a rouge element of the empire with limited resources and ships. They also establish that the new republic exists and has a fleet of space ships. But then they skip over why the new republic isn't fighting the first order, they just act like "well everyone knows thats the resistances job" it is established in a OK way in the novel I guess, but its never brought up in the film. and there are a lot of moments like that were it really felt like there was a story written, and everyone on film assumes that the audience sees A B C D E F, but C and E got cut without any changes to the structure, just cut out.


I loved fallout 4 for like 30 hours, but then I came to realize how... empty it felt and how nothing I did mattered.

I really felt a lack of control when I would get called to a settlement with 18 people in it, and over 150 defense value and they say "hey, my friend was kidnapped"

I set up all of my settlements to have a wall along the green boarder, in that wall would be a single opening with a gauntlet. the only way in would be past 10-15 turrets, nothing lived into that. Yet somehow... "raiders kidnapped my friend and demanded a random"

then I get back, talk to preston and "hey that place you were just at is having some trouble with raiders can you check it out"

return "Hey there are raiders who are hitting us, from across the freaking map can you take care of that?" (go there kill 5 raiders)<DING>

Also that your dialog choices dont match up.

I have always enjoyed doing some sidequests to get a little ahead of the game on levels for the main quest in games, I got to level 30 before hitting diamond city, and walked through the next 10 missions without having to stop to heal.

The story telling in the game is amazing, but has nothing to do with the gameplay which feels really disconnected.

There was a sinkhole pit someplace north east near a radiation disposal plant. there is a house missing one wall that collapsed into the pit. on the second floor of a house, there is a babies room with toys all about. on the edge of the room is a skeleton with one arm holding onto the wall. down below there is a crib with a arm attached to it. In the corner of the room a skeleton with no head holding a pistol.

No words, no explanation, I had to stop playing for two days after seeing that.
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