LRRcast - AskLRR February 2016

Talk about this week's LRRcast and what you'd like to see in future ones.
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LRRcast - AskLRR February 2016

Postby James » 23 Feb 2016, 20:20

Graham, Alex and Cameron take your questions and provide answers that are both comical and insightful.
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Re: LRRcast - AskLRR February 2016

Postby King Kool » 23 Feb 2016, 21:44

I wanna say this. I don't smoke marijuana. I detest the smell of marijuana. I think most weed culture is asinine.

That 420 pizza they're talking about is just about the best fucking pizza I've ever had in my life. I still miss it to this day because I forget what the hell was on it, so I can't get my local pizza joint (joint, lol) to make it.
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Re: LRRcast - AskLRR February 2016

Postby SAJewers » 26 Feb 2016, 14:18

If I may Graham, since you mentioned your fondness for pixel art, maybe take a look at Rex Rocket if you haven't? I think that game does the Pixel Art quite well.
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Re: LRRcast - AskLRR February 2016

Postby reptile » 26 Feb 2016, 16:14

1) So Beej is Agent Smith...does that mean Banana-Cori is Neo?
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