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LRRcast - The Little Things

Posted: 09 Apr 2016, 21:26
by Graham
Paul, Cameron and Alex join you this week and discuss the little things in life that bring you joy.

Re: LRRcast - The Little Things

Posted: 10 Apr 2016, 09:36
by Lord Hosk
I wanted to throw in my own, something that makes me feel particularly good is a quality suit fresh from the tailor it just fits exactly right, hugs in the right places, lose in the right places, and warm all over. Its like a hug all day.

When my wife sneaks up behind me and just starts rubbing my shoulders REALLY HARD so it just digs the tension out.

I wanted to reiterate a pleasure that is hard to describe, watching someone do something they really love. Adam and Graham doing the Wrestling podcasts. Watching Alex or Ash draw, to start with nothing and with a few strokes of the pen create something that didn't exist before. Watching Andrew when he is editing photos, when a nice looking photo gets cropped or twisted a little and just pops. Hearing Cameron just go down the rabbit hole talking about chemistry processes.

When I am very upset I like to listen to the Fraggle rock theme song it, it connects me back to going to my aunt's house for sleep overs when my parents were fighting. She had cable, and so we could watch fraggle rock, and it was an escape.

Re: LRRcast - The Little Things

Posted: 10 Apr 2016, 13:38
by Phi
Paul, Cam and Alex is my favorite combo.
Thank you.