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Podcast is going to be late

Posted: 03 Jan 2007, 22:23
by James
Sorry guys. but my laptop was freaking out again on me tonight and my battery power went from 95 to 0 in 2 seconds and i left my adapter at work. tomorrow night it will be up

Posted: 03 Jan 2007, 22:37
by JesterJ.
Thats...very weird.
Work on it!

Posted: 04 Jan 2007, 15:35
by Melendwyr
For making the podcast late not once but twice, I sentence you to the living Hell that is New Jersey...

...where you shall eat naught but red hot coals, and drink naught but red hot cola, and your eyes shall be torn out by ravenous birds, and your flesh shall be made into sausages and meatloaf and baked goods, and you shall know no peace, neither in waking nor sleeping nor being sort of drowsy and not really aware of things but not actually asleep, and you shall be torn apart by lawyers and cut into little pieces and boiled and poured upon the ground and stomped upon and then tortured with saxophone reeds, and sent to bed without any supper, world without end, amen.

Posted: 04 Jan 2007, 16:56
by emma
If that happens, we definitely won't get any more podcasts on time...