Talk about this week's LRRcast and what you'd like to see in future ones.
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Postby Karkon » 14 Apr 2008, 14:36

As you have experience with filming, when something sucks, where does the blame lie? Between the writer and director, where does the blame lie? For example; scene x of film y blows. The lightings off, their's stuff in the way, the plot makes no sense, the character acting out of character, the acting wooden, the dialogue cheesy and the pacing poor. Is it Uwe Boll's fault, Russell T. Davies or both? Who gets the blame for what?

Note; Um, not actually criticizing you guys, just been on a massive Davies hate recently and I'm wondering if it is actually his fault. I would like to be sure before my evil scheme go into motion, mwah ha hah.
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Postby Melendwyr » 14 Apr 2008, 17:06

Okay, for you agnostics: Strong Agnosticism, or Weak Agnosticism?
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Postby tak197 » 14 Apr 2008, 18:05

How naughty do you like your nuns to be? Slightly naughty, especially naughty, pickled in brine naughty, covered in butter naughty, or other?
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Postby Cuttlefishman » 15 Apr 2008, 00:27

What is your favorite bit of bad science within a film? Is there any bits of bad science which you feel is just to silly?
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Postby Evil Jim » 15 Apr 2008, 00:48

Any thoughts to using more advanced CGI in sketches, or is it just too time consuming?
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Postby DJScythe15 » 15 Apr 2008, 00:53

Since many of the LRR cast members have played WoW at one time or another, are any of you considering attending this year's Blizzcon (should one happen this year)?
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Postby Gray24 » 15 Apr 2008, 20:30

Are there any news games that are coming out for the Xbox 360 that you guys are getting?

Also, how do you guys play your video games, in HD?
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Postby Woland » 18 Apr 2008, 07:40

Do any of you believe in the Collective Subconscious?

Do you have any plans of putting the old QuickTime movies up on the Revver system?

The newest Mortal Kombat game will feature DC characters but no Fatalities. Do you think this is a reasonable tradeoff, or just a lame and not-even-as-cool attempt to rip off the Star Wars characters in Soul Caliber IV?
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Postby dannysaysnoo » 18 Apr 2008, 12:41

Will you ever release the footage you used to make 'Shake Your Hands' and 'Perversion For Profit'?
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Postby Woland » 18 Apr 2008, 13:28

Do any of you have secret forum alter-egos so that you can surf without being preyed upon by web-stalkers?
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Postby GoLarisa » 18 Apr 2008, 20:01

For Graham and Paul, or really anybody who plays Peggle.

Which is your favorite green peg power up? (I'm in the middle of the challenges and I usually end up using Flower Power or Zen Ball.)

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Postby WaffleIronMan » 19 Apr 2008, 19:20

1.) What is your earliest memory?

2.) What (if any) programming languages do u know?

3.) If you had to eat one nationalitys food for the rest of your life, what country would you choose? (not just eating in one country.)

4.) I know I have asked you what your favorite thing about of llr is, but what is your favorite part of the video making process?

5.) Are the driving laws different in Canada or do you just not feel like getting drivers liscences?

6.) What *.sid player/composer do you use for the commodore 64 music?

7.) If you could have any 2 superpowers combined together which ones would you have?

8.) Captain Carrot Ironfounderson, a 300 spartan, an Alien Queen, the G-man, and Atrius get into a triathalon in what places would they come?
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Postby Gray24 » 20 Apr 2008, 11:33

If you could go back to 1999 and be Bernie Stoller [the head of Sega America] what would you do to save the Dreamcast? How would you defeat the PS2?

Also, if you could be any historical figure...who and why?
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Postby Unclever title » 20 Apr 2008, 18:25

I feel compelled to ask this nonsense question:

If you could beat a historical figure with another historical figure who would each be and why?

On a more serious note, I know I've done this before (not this time but others), have you ever made a decision that seemed okay when made and regretted it the very moment of or after follow through? What's the one situation that most qualifies?

We'll probably all understand if you refuse to answer.
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Postby Moonkea » 21 Apr 2008, 02:46

Q: Have you got your own editing style, or does it vary for each video, scene, shot etc.

I say this, because I find myself changing every project - sometimes it'll all be contained in one layer, sometimes its spread across three or four layers and everything is free to move about, and other times it's all over the place and I'm surprised I can find anything.
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Postby RandomCheese » 21 Apr 2008, 12:24

Do any of you like Flight of the Conchords, and if so, what did you think of their HBO series?
Low quality Youtube sketches? Amazing!
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elder scrolls V

Postby RhysIsCoolerThanMudkips » 21 Apr 2008, 15:33

in reference to the video in which graham divorced morgan, a mention was made to the fact that. graham played quite a lot of oblivion. thus i came to the conclusion that he enjoyed the game very much. i wanted to know the opinions of the LRR cast, being that graham probably isn't the only one who plays it, the opinions on the rumors that the elder scrolls V will be an MMO.
with all respect to our new turkey masters,
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(P.S. the icon with MUSE's lead singer that was referred to in the last LRR cast, he was on a music show and he was being a freak because they told him to just pretend to play ad they would play off the CD instead)
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Postby Elomin Sha » 22 Apr 2008, 01:12

Matt and Bill: How do you feel that Uwe Boll has not been allowed to make a WoW film? Relieved?
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Postby Fodder » 22 Apr 2008, 13:18

Have any of you been in the men's bathroom stall in the second floor of the UVic library wherein all over one of the walls was scribbled " Google/YouTube RON PAUL 2008" ?

When I was visiting there from the states I found it most amusing.

EDIT: McPherson Library, 'course.
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Postby Nomadic » 22 Apr 2008, 16:50

Any possibility LRR would be doing a world tour for 64K?

[Above] would be made of epic win.
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Postby NekoDaimyo » 23 Apr 2008, 15:51

Will LRR be submitting any adverts for Veidt Enterprises for the upcoming Watchmen film?

What I be talkin' about, just in case:
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Postby Stroggo » 24 Apr 2008, 01:30

Hi Guys I was wondering If any of you are Cyberpunk fans?
If so what is your Favourite..

Cyberpunk Blockbuster: e.g. BladeRunner, Ghost In The Shell, Robocop, Matrix......

Cult Cyberpunk Film: e.g. Hardware, Pi, Dark City....

And Finaly Cyberpunk Game: e.g. Deus Ex, Metal Gear Solid, Systemshock etc..

I was just wondering, because sadly living in the most boring part of NZ means people round here don't know cyberpunk from a fencepost.

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Postby Woland » 24 Apr 2008, 07:17

What does a forum post need to BE in order to get "Sticky Status"?
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Postby Melendwyr » 24 Apr 2008, 07:20

What is your greatest fear? (Loss of your generative organs doesn't count.)
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Postby Dominic Appleguard » 24 Apr 2008, 20:46

Would any of you describe yourselves as Shakespeare fans?
If so, you you have any favourite plays/sonnets/characters?

Also, the cast seems to love Abraham Lincoln humour. Will that ever find its way into a video?
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