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December 26th :: The 2007 Christmas Special

Posted: 26 Dec 2007, 21:35
by James
Hope everyone had a good Christmas and for all those crazy people that do the boxing day thing as well!

Enjoy the LRRcast!

Posted: 26 Dec 2007, 21:36
by emma
Good on you guys for getting it out on time, even with Christmas!

Posted: 26 Dec 2007, 22:19
by Evil Jim
I was just commenting to Psidude in the IRC about wanting to hear the next podcast. Great timing.

Posted: 26 Dec 2007, 22:24
by jtaylor
Now I don't have to listen to an old podcast again!

Posted: 26 Dec 2007, 23:42
by Evil Jim
Dodd's ads are great. I watched all I could find on YouTube. (3)

The Santa "sleeve" looks amazing. Great improvisation. Tho' now that I look closer I can see the binder clip. Also, I thought that was Paul's voice. Whups.

Here I thought I was a shoe-in for the LRR challenge until I saw that possum thing. Scary.

Posted: 27 Dec 2007, 01:36
by Bob The Magic Camel
If you're ever in London, make sure you go to Maxwell's. They have a brilliant burger called "The Stack Burger". It is 2 1/2 pound steaks, with cheese, bacon, mushrooms. Among other things I can't remember.

Best. Burger. Ever.

Posted: 27 Dec 2007, 07:28
by Android
What's the Irish part of the Irish Bacon Brie Burger (the IBcubed?)

Posted: 27 Dec 2007, 08:22
by tak197
Yes, the burning log channel is on TV for a good 12 hours on Christmas Day. The only thing that would have made it accurate is really old school Chrismas classics played over the fire.

I have had bison and buffalo burgers before, and they are good. Though I will say, the mini-burger platter at Hamburger Hamlet was good. It had 4 great burgers that are soooooo good, and I don't like blue cheese, but the one on that burger was great.

Posted: 27 Dec 2007, 09:13
by Ribonizer
OMG, Dodd's. For some reason, I'm pretty sure I saw the hulk one. Which is odd, because I live in Ottawa. although here's what I think happened, I used to have Bell expressvu, and the plan that gavee channels from every time zones. So I did get channels from BC, that way say, two shows I like were on the same time slot. I could just watch an other time zone's show first and whatnot. So that's probably when I saw a Dodd comercial.

Do you guys have Bad Boys in BC? They have pretty terrible furniture commercials as well.
And the horrible CG :P

Posted: 27 Dec 2007, 11:15
by Lord Chrusher
Android wrote:What's the Irish part of the Irish Bacon Brie Burger (the IBcubed?)

It is served in a rather expensive pub that pretends to be Irish?

Posted: 27 Dec 2007, 11:15
by Sable
Wow. Thanks for doing a LRRCast this week, guys! I hadn't expected one, due to Christmas and New Year's and the massive hangovers the respective parties tend to accumulate.


Posted: 27 Dec 2007, 13:24
by JohnyMcmuffin
I'm sorry Paul, but it had to be done.

Is the Dicks in Seattle the same as the one in Spokane?

Posted: 27 Dec 2007, 14:54
by emma
Matt, I fully understand your love of the Muppet Christmas Carol, but the Alistair Sim version is the best version. Though technically it's actually called Scrooge.

And I mentioned the Burning Log channel? I have heard of it, but I don't think I've actually seen it.

Posted: 27 Dec 2007, 15:28
by emma


Lets go.

"I'm gonna go do that now", you said.

Posted: 27 Dec 2007, 15:32
by Lavos

Posted: 27 Dec 2007, 15:34
by Cake
Lavos, I had a rank before I had 10 posts. How long did it take you?

Posted: 27 Dec 2007, 16:01
by Yukikaze
who was it got a rank on his first post with the ASCII art?

Was that you, Cake?

'grats, Emma. Fitting title, I believe.


[edit]no, upon examination, no it was not Cake.[/edit]

Posted: 27 Dec 2007, 16:03
by jtaylor
Me, and it took two months to get...

Posted: 27 Dec 2007, 16:05
by Yukikaze
Speaking of fitting titles. Yes, that was you.

I think I'm just glad I didn't win the challenge wherein I discovered I shared a birthday with three porn stars and a Playmate.

Posted: 27 Dec 2007, 16:11
by Sable

Posted: 27 Dec 2007, 18:01
by emma

Posted: 28 Dec 2007, 03:45
by Evil Jim

Congratulation! :D

Posted: 28 Dec 2007, 12:57
by Lavos
No, my forum rank is most fitting.

Posted: 28 Dec 2007, 13:44
by Cake
Lavos wrote:No, my forum rank is most fitting.

Lavos is right. emma's is fitting, but the rank Lavos has is just....well...only for Lavos.

Posted: 28 Dec 2007, 15:50
by Sable
I need to 'shop a chef's toque on the MC, now.