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Posted: 08 Jan 2008, 21:54
by theINC
Cake wrote:Podcasts come out on Wednesday. Thursday if James has other shit to do.

Oops, it's Wednesday in Aus. I failed to see that this post was on a Thursday in Australia (2pm), because I made my post at about 2.30 (on a Wednesday).

Carry on

Posted: 09 Jan 2008, 10:33
by Misty
Unlucky wrote:Before I go any further, it was MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE who changed the sig. I would like credit, because I put enough effort into it.

EDIT: DAMMIT. I'm reeeeeeally sad. :( I really would have liked my name in an LRRcast. *Cries into a corner*

Yeah... thanks for giving me so much praise, guys, but it was kinda misplaced. Pete was the one that edited my userbar into it's now much more fitting version, so props go to him. (oh and don't worry about not being mentioned in the LRRcast, I'm sure James will mention his dearly beloved sometime :P)

Posted: 09 Jan 2008, 10:59
by Cake
James' dearly beloved is dark_realm, isn't it?

Posted: 09 Jan 2008, 13:38
by Misty
Yeah, I'm retarded and thought I quoted dark_realm instead of Unlucky.


Posted: 23 Jan 2008, 21:05
by AeroCmdr
Where are my additional pylons? Edit: Thank you!