January 30th :: Max Effect

Talk about this week's LRRcast and what you'd like to see in future ones.
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Postby Cake » 04 Feb 2008, 05:04

Now don't start that conversation again!
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Postby Android » 04 Feb 2008, 06:45

Cake wrote:Now don't start that conversation again!

It's like the vultures from the (Disney) Jungle Book!
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Postby emma » 05 Feb 2008, 15:40

Matt, while I don't know how much people on any of those shows make, I am fairly sure it is not very much.

Canadian actors, television or otherwise, tend to be in the lower tier of making money - actors like Eric Peterson (<3, so totally awesome) do shows like that because they need the money.

I can probably find out for you pretty easily, though.

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Postby Oxford » 06 Feb 2008, 03:08

Sorry, Matt. I have no idea. I'm trying to get a job at Ocean Studios in Vancouver as a voice actor.
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Postby Lord Chrusher » 06 Feb 2008, 22:07

James, this week's podcast?
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Postby theINC » 06 Feb 2008, 22:13

Lord Chrusher wrote:James, this week's podcast?

Woland owes me 10 points.
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Postby Lavos » 06 Feb 2008, 22:37

James was playing WoW like 3 hours ago.

i dont know what's happening anymore
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Postby concupiscentcrustacean » 06 Feb 2008, 23:49

Lavos wrote:James was playing WoW like 3 hours ago.

..............we're never gonna see him again...
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