LRR Panel - PAX Prime 2015

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LRR Panel - PAX Prime 2015

Postby Graham » 07 Sep 2015, 21:48

The LRR Panel from PAX Prime 2015, announcing Qwerpline, Sick Rips, and writing a Crapshot together!
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Re: LRR Panel - PAX Prime 2015

Postby 7SecondsLeft » 08 Sep 2015, 02:42

That was great fun to watch, thanks for recording and uploading it! :D
It's amazing to see how quickly the crapshots can come together just from a single idea.

Can I add my name to the (probably short) list of people who like the blog posts, please? I can see that just listing all the videos that came out that week is a lot of effort for not much gain, but is there mileage in making it more like a real blog, i.e. "here's some fun stuff that happened to one or more of us this week", like throwaway bits that in theory could go in a Loading Time but is better as a few sentences instead of 5 minutes of video or a 140 character tweet?
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Re: LRR Panel - PAX Prime 2015

Postby Master Gunner » 08 Sep 2015, 07:25

From the perspective of someone new to the site, I would think a recent blog post of all the different things you do would help convince them to stick around.

Right now you have a lot of content you're throwing at people on the main page, but it's largely meaningless to someone who doesn't already know what "crapshots" are. A recent blog post would help get new or infrequent visitors up to speed.
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Re: LRR Panel - PAX Prime 2015

Postby The Martini » 08 Sep 2015, 09:16

Awesome - loved the group-writing of the Crapshot especially.

Related: did your ConBravo panel get recorded? Would be interested to see that too!
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Re: LRR Panel - PAX Prime 2015

Postby beowuuf » 08 Sep 2015, 10:56

I think the blog is maybe a good place to summarise some of the twitch stuff coming up or uploaded to the live youtube account. I think despite the live schedule, twitter, twitch chat, forums, etc, some people still miss stuff coming up, and the blog is perhaps a good place to catch them.

Plus it's just a nice safety blanket to see the blog update and know things are always happening :)
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Re: LRR Panel - PAX Prime 2015

Postby Lord Chrusher » 08 Sep 2015, 12:11

I miss the humorous alt text in the video thumbnails.

To fill in on the story of the ministers at Desert Bus 8, when the ministers were being given a tour of Fort Tectoria (the VIATeC building) by one of the VIATeC staff, they stopped by the basement kitchen where we had a TV showing the stream set up. As a site volunteer, I was cleaning the kitchen, staying out of the way of the party. They watched the stream for a few minutes and VIATeC person explained what was going on. I believe I may have answered a few of the ministers' questions. It would be fair to say that the ministers had a rough idea what they were getting into when then went into the Lunar Module.
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Re: LRR Panel - PAX Prime 2015

Postby Robo4900 » 09 Sep 2015, 03:15

Graham mentioned that some people have those old ISC videos; if this is true, can someone link me to these?

(BTW, great panel! The Crapshot writing was amazing)
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