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Monopoly on Weird

Posted: 15 Mar 2007, 13:31
by Graham
I feel all gross now.

Posted: 15 Mar 2007, 13:47
by Lord Chrusher
Again I am happy I use headphones to watch the Whatever Thing at work. I think they might need to come with a warning.

Posted: 15 Mar 2007, 14:02
by AdmiralBarikir
sweet jesus, japan...

Bukkake Milk is more WMD than Dairy beverage you drink with brownies...

mmm brownies.

Posted: 15 Mar 2007, 14:08
by Sable
...Y'know, between Borat and you guys, I think I have my sexual deviancy/humour quota for the next few weeks all wrapped up...

Posted: 15 Mar 2007, 14:08
by emma
I like how it's always "Japan has come up with a new product." It's never a company.

And Graham, I would like to replicate your response to women having sex with cars. EWW.

Good Whatever Thing! I lolled, as it were.

Posted: 15 Mar 2007, 14:15
by Tiger1313
Bono should stick to singing.

Posted: 15 Mar 2007, 14:21
by Anachronism
Ha...hahaha...a...awww. My brain broke. I thought of way too many dirty jokes in a very short period of time. I needed that. Thank you.

Posted: 15 Mar 2007, 14:30
by CyberTractor
I feel dirty. And I smiled when I heard my haiku being read. :)

Posted: 15 Mar 2007, 14:31
by dark_realm
i feel dirty after listening to that.. i think it was "snap crackle splooge" that got me... :P but this was one of the best WET's (Like my acronym?) so far!! :D

Posted: 15 Mar 2007, 14:35
by CyberTractor
Snap, crackle, splooge! Kellog's Bukake!

Posted: 15 Mar 2007, 14:37
by Faye
lol "Wayne County" (which includes the city of Detroit) is here in Michigan, where I am from.. the woman was calling the dead girls parents to get money for drugs which they were both on.. oh yeah...

Which is not to mention about 40 miles from there, a man recently killed his wife and scattered her chopped up remains in a nearby park. That story got so much publicity

so anyways... looks like it's time to move out of Michigan...


Posted: 15 Mar 2007, 14:37
by Dane
Bukkake-milk doesn't suprise me much. Afterall, this is a country that has services that allow you to rent people to roleplay as family members.

Posted: 15 Mar 2007, 16:36
by Melendwyr
At first, I thought this was about an unusual play style of Monopoly: the board game.

Posted: 15 Mar 2007, 18:43
by Sieg Reyu
YAY!!! I found it first Bukkake Milk Commerical It might be fake but it is weird enough for Japan.

Posted: 15 Mar 2007, 18:54
by Dane
Melendwyr wrote:At first, I thought this was about an unusual play style of Monopoly: the board game.

"Oh sure! that's my love-hotel on Bukkake-walk! You owe me 50 bones."

. . .that would be a fun game.

Posted: 15 Mar 2007, 19:04
by miakosummin
Sieg Reyu wrote:YAY!!! I found it first Bukkake Milk Commerical It might be fake but it is weird enough for Japan.

I think its fake, but I wouldn't be surprised.

Posted: 15 Mar 2007, 19:59
by Sieg Reyu
Well the engrish subtitles are very convincing.

Posted: 15 Mar 2007, 20:40
by Anachronism
I also think it's fake...but nonetheless awesome.

Posted: 15 Mar 2007, 20:46
by Misty
Okay, the snap-crackle-splooge joke was too much. I laughed so hard my dad yelled at me x3

I loved how Graham asked for a meanwhile and the clip of Alex with the megaphone was played. (I was kinda expecting you to shoot another shot of Alex saying it, but that one worked just as fine)

Great, and really freaking hilarious, video as always guys 8)

Posted: 15 Mar 2007, 21:10
by JesterJ.
I gotta agree with misty on that part, those were the best. Snap Crackle Splooge was amazing, and the "MEANWHILE" reused was great.

And the fact that Graham already knows he has to say "...In England" and doesn't get amazing amounts of pleasure out of it.

Okay that was phrased not quite how I meant it, but fuck you, I'm tired.
And Bono losing money to Cancer stuffs: ....Wow. I didn't hate him really before, but fuck him and his campaign.

Posted: 15 Mar 2007, 22:48
by anotherearth
Tiger1313 wrote:Bono should stick to singing.

Shouldn't he stick to something he might actually be good at?

Another great WT vid!

Posted: 16 Mar 2007, 00:27
by tak197
This only goes to show you how truely messed up the world is. I mean hearing that Germany was going to revoke Hitler's citizenship 62 years after his death was the same way. I was like "OMG! What did Hitler do to make them think he was going to blemish the name of Deutchland? Oh yeah, he committed the worst act of genocide in the 20th century and tried to take over the world."

And people thought Dubya was slow...

Posted: 16 Mar 2007, 00:47
by Tapir12
Ya, I too thought you guys were going to play Monopoly....


Posted: 16 Mar 2007, 06:41
by Mouse
Sieg Reyu wrote:Well the engrish subtitles are very convincing.

I'm assuming your misspelling of English was a joke.

I exploded-laughed (as in "mmhkkmmh...HA!") at Snap Crackle Splooge.

Posted: 16 Mar 2007, 06:49
by emma
Engrish is what people call bad english. So he wrote that on purpose. It is basically a bastardization of english through translation.