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Posted: 26 Jul 2007, 20:18
by blackfangs
omg a new W/E thing! that made me so happy to just not see the dutch! up there but im very sad that the w/e thing was murdered by Morgan.

p.s. i have a question for you why is Morgan depribing us of w/e thing truely?

Posted: 26 Jul 2007, 20:42
by JesterJ.
It was entertaining, and pretty funny.

Obviously not a rofl+stitches-in-the-side whatever thing, but it was entertaining without a doubt.

Thanks, Kathleen!

Posted: 26 Jul 2007, 21:14
by Shroin
miakosummin wrote:I have a question. What do you think contributes to the success of Korea, and what can other unnamed comic artists do to further the quality of their own comics, aside from putting any sort of effort

You could try to move up to two updates a month.

Posted: 27 Jul 2007, 06:00
by Dane
Remember when Morgan and Kathleen switched bodies?

That was a riot.

...I miss Morgan. :(

Posted: 27 Jul 2007, 06:44
by Anachronism
Dear Kathleen,

I am four and half months away from graduating with a 5-year degree in a highly specialized field where I'm doing a so-so job academically. However, in completing the final few requirements for said degree, I just now realized that it may not have been the best choice for me; I lost interest in a lot of the things we're doing and no longer see myself pursing a career in the field. Given that...

a.) I need reprimanding.
b.) What, in your opinion, are my options re: the rest of my life?
c.) A new academic year is about to begin in a few weeks. What advise can you give to college freshmen re: academics? (e.g. advise I could have used yeeears ago)
d.) I like The Killers.

P.S. Congratulations on the better-than-expected success of Korea!

Posted: 27 Jul 2007, 12:10
by Lavos
Lavos wrote:Since this hasn't been moved yet, I will just post mine here.
Turns out she has some sort of criminal record, (well thats what a friend told me AFTER I told her to go away) am I screwed? And restraining orders won't work since..well... who the hell listens to that stuff anyways.

And also, can graham lift bill on his shoulders?

Also, I like creed. WHATCHU GUN SAY FOO

Posted: 27 Jul 2007, 17:07
by OmegaZultan
Awesome job Kathleen, I approve of you replacing Morgan untiul he gets off his ass and starts doing it again. (No offense morgan^^)

Posted: 27 Jul 2007, 17:27
by Lavos
OmegaZultan wrote:Awesome job Kathleen, I approve of you replacing Morgan untiul he gets off his ass and starts doing it again. (No offense morgan^^)
What do you mean no offense.

Posted: 27 Jul 2007, 17:44
by Misty
Yes, total offense! Morgan needs to get back into the swing of things and make some WTs!!
The lulz are missed :(

Posted: 27 Jul 2007, 20:35
by Cake
I think it was awesome for Kathleen to step up and run with the torch. We could still be looking at "The Dutch!" on the front page you know. If Morgan wanted to do the Whatever Thing, he would have done it weeks ago.

Posted: 27 Jul 2007, 22:12
by Kathleen
If Morgan wants to do more WTs, I ain't going to stop him. However, I wouldn't hold your breath.


Posted: 29 Jul 2007, 02:22
by compman9902
I love your show!!

Posted: 29 Jul 2007, 13:10
by Corax
i wanted to see morgan wake up in the background and be like "hey what r u guys doin??"

Posted: 29 Jul 2007, 14:46
by CyberTractor
There could be a Whatever Thing about what Morgan is doing besides making a Whatever Thing.

Posted: 31 Jul 2007, 16:51
by Berthold
Did you actually say "about" in Canadian ?

Posted: 31 Jul 2007, 20:19
by JesterJ.
I just realized that there really are quite a lot of WT's.

Posted: 31 Jul 2007, 21:21
by Lavos
Did you also realize, morgan is a lazy white nigger?

Posted: 31 Jul 2007, 21:22
by tak197
So you are Michael Richards?

Posted: 31 Jul 2007, 22:13
by Dana



Oh, yeah, I am back posting here again, I guess?

Posted: 31 Jul 2007, 23:17
by JesterJ.
Lavos wrote:Did you also realize, morgan is a lazy white n***er?


And welcome back, Dana!

Posted: 05 Aug 2007, 23:06
by anotherearth


can't watch.


Posted: 06 Aug 2007, 10:10
by Dr Frankenjam
Yeah it was rubbish.
Half way through i was like "WTF? These are real answers that are actually some use to people."


Give zany, crazy, mental and/or retarted answers to questions to invoke humour. This is a comedy site not am Agony Aunt corner.

Boo! BOO!

Posted: 14 Aug 2007, 21:56
by eiopqrtuwy
I DO realize this video didn't get super positive feed-back from everyone so you might not be doing it again, but figured I would ask my question anyways
Kathleen wrote:I guess if you guys want to ask more questions, you can just post them in here?

I've been having alot of trouble keeping up with my school work in college. With school starting up soon, I was wondering:
What can I do to keep myself motivated to do all my schoolwork on time?

(as opposed to procrastinating and wasting time on the internet, which leads to missed assignments)

Posted: 14 Aug 2007, 22:10
by tak197
Personally, I think that the Ask Kathleen segment was very welcome and who gives a fuck if it wasn't "comedy" or "funny". I think if people want to turn Kathleen into the LRR equiv of Dear Abbey, they have that right. If she is up for it, even better.

So I propose that a welcome break from the usual LRR comedy, such as Ask Kathleen happens every so often so that they don't box themselves in. They can't be on ALL the time.

Posted: 14 Aug 2007, 22:17
by Cake
Here here! *holds up drink*