Speculation: Final Fantasy XIV may be going F2P?

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Speculation: Final Fantasy XIV may be going F2P?

Postby Darkobra » 19 Nov 2010, 18:42

My friend sent me a link earlier with a very misleading title, stating that "Final Fantasy XIV WILL be going Free To Play!" and then went on speculating why it SHOULD! But after reading it, one thing caught my eye.

On October 25 it only had 36,345 players online.

It's a Final Fantasy! How many of us were suckered into buying Final Fantasy 13? (RAGE!) Was that the last straw for us or is it REALLY the P2P aspect?

I saw the game itself when I was game shopping. I looked at the back of the case and fell in love again with a fanboyism that almost made me run to the till. Until I remembered that it was P2P. I still do truly want to give it a try at least.

So are subscription based games that much of a turn-off for us? For me, once I pay for a game I expect to be able to play it without any hidden clauses or ties. I'm still a huge Final Fantasy fanboy and if this game ever became F2P, I'd jump at it like a dog jumps at a butcher.

The link in question: http://mmohut.com/editorials/final-fantasy-14-will-go-free-to-play
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Re: Speculation: Final Fantasy XIV may be going F2P?

Postby Hakaryu » 19 Nov 2010, 23:50

I play EVE which pays for it's self if you play it right.
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Re: Speculation: Final Fantasy XIV may be going F2P?

Postby Longshot » 21 Nov 2010, 17:54

FF13 is a huge factor, I think, but maybe it\s the fact that many already had a taste of what FF-online has to offer with FF11. Thus, it can't compete with WoW with the "ITS SOMETHING NEW"-factor, but moves directly on to the "MEH, WOW IS BETTER"-stage.

I was actually gonna give FF14 a shot, especially since it was comming to the consoles(which many of my friends play), but got sucked back into Warhammer Online.
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Re: Speculation: Final Fantasy XIV may be going F2P?

Postby Kyogissun » 24 Nov 2010, 23:38

You know, this might not be happening had they say, LAUNCHED IT ON THE PLAYSTATION 3 AS WELL.

I mean, based on what my friend has told me, it's FFXI with all the problems (for the most part) gone and never coming back. Anyone who's made significant progress in FFXI knows that it had one of the most challenging (sorta) but satisfying cooperative combat systems.

So Square, whatever your decision is, get the god damn PS3 version out the fucking door already.
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