Sony, "We Embrace Modders"

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Sony, "We Embrace Modders"

Postby Arius » 14 Jun 2011, 10:23

With Sony's famous lawsuit against GeoHot storming
headlines this year, Sony has earned itself a reputation for
being against console customization. The company is a villain
among the modding community, who believe Sony stands
against the freedom to do whatever one likes with their

According to Sony boss Jack Tretton, however, that perception
is wrong. Sony may be anti-piracy, but it's not against you modifying your PS3 in the name of innovation.

"No, there’s a real misnomer there, we embrace independent game development," he said, "If you call that hacking, then we embrace that. We give people tools that let them create new experiences. What I don’t think we are in support of is someone trying to hack our device to pirate software and
possibly collapse the platform."

Tretton flatly denied the accusation that Sony wants to deter users from modifying their systems, which is quite a contrast against the freedom hating corporation that some perceive.

Quite a surprising statement, given the fact that Sony releases new firmware regularly to stop its hardware being modded.

Translation: "Please stop hacking us."
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Re: Sony, "We Embrace Modders"

Postby Matt » 14 Jun 2011, 10:54

By "embrace" they mean the cold steely embrace of a pair of handcuffs.


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Re: Sony, "We Embrace Modders"

Postby Drinnik » 14 Jun 2011, 13:50

In a non-consensual way?
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Re: Sony, "We Embrace Modders"

Postby SecretsOfMoon » 14 Jun 2011, 14:22

Also by "give" they mean sell, for a highly affordable price of $2000, which is chumps for all the filthy rich independent developers out there iching to get their post-modern metagames out on the market.

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Re: Sony, "We Embrace Modders"

Postby MowDownJoe » 14 Jun 2011, 17:25

Translation: "LulzSec! Anonymous! Leave us alone! We actually like you guys!"
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Re: Sony, "We Embrace Modders"

Postby andy25100 » 29 Jun 2011, 04:57

what it forget's to add is that a lawyer will arrive at your house with a lawsuit
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