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Brütal Legend for PC

Posted: 23 Feb 2013, 14:51
by Elaro
Tim Schafer and Double Fine's critically acclaimed Action-RTS title Brütal Legend is coming for PC on Steam and is currently 25% off.

This game is not like other RTS titles. Instead of controlling your units via a cursor, you control a character who can then give orders to units on the field. But that's not all they do. Following in the footsteps of Sacrifice, another action-RTS game, players can cast spells via their guitars, performing devastating rock solos that have a variety of effects on the battlefield. Players can also double-team with their units, unlocking special abilities unique to that unit. They can also attack directly, but that's secondary. It's almost always a better idea to double-team than to attack alone.



The human faction. Fans of classic, thrash and power metal, they are an army of chrome, leather, raw muscle and fire. From their starting units of Headbangers (they used to mine the earth with their skulls), Razor girls (ranged weaponry, crafted from the gut of the Razorfire Boar) and the Thunderhog, a tricycle with a subwoofer strapped to the back, blaring out a healing bass line, to their top-level unit, the Rock Crusher, a portable stage with a spiked roller in the front, Ironheade has a versatile and robust army that can adapt to any situation. Their player character is Eddie Riggs.

Oh yeah, they have a solo called the Facemelter. It melts faces.

Drowning Doom

The zombie faction. Fans of black and death metal, they are drinkers of the Sea of Black Tears, a magical lake that attracts all those who despair. Their units are inspired by the gothic subcultures, like the Grave Diggers, shovel-wielding dudes with the Crow's makeup, or the Bride, a groom-less bride who slows down enemy units and electrocutes people who attack her. Their final unit is the Tree Back, a giant monster with a tree on its back (duh) from which crows fly to peck enemy units to death. The Doom's strategy is to debuff the enemy with their Bride, Organist (damage reduction) and Dirgible (toughness/health reduction) so that their other units can wipe them out. Their player character is Drowned Ophelia. They're my favorite faction.

Tainted Coil

The demon faction. Fans of industrial and death metal, Doviculus's demons obey a strict hierarchy. Their stage only produces three units: the Battle Nun, the Warfather and the Overblesser. It is by double-teaming with these units that the player can produce the full range of the Coil's forces, which include, among others, the Soul Kisser, a biped thing with razors for lips, the Skull Raker, a demon with a flail for a head, and the Screamwagon, where a tortured David Cross gives buffs to nearby friendly units. Their main advantage is being able to produce units anywhere on the field, allowing them a lot of flexibility. Their player character is Doviculus. Voiced by Tim Curry!

So there you have it. Brütal Legend. It's funny, it's great, and it's a steal at 15 bucks on Steam. Post in the thread so we can play together. My steam nickname is Elaro.

Re: Brütal Legend for PC

Posted: 26 Feb 2013, 20:48
by Slack Mesa
So on a scale of 1 to 10, where 6 is The Cave, 10 is Psychonauts and -50 is the Meat Circus level from Psychonauts, how does Brumlaut Legend compare to Double Fine's other games?

Re: Brütal Legend for PC

Posted: 26 Feb 2013, 21:48
by Mara Kalat
Don't forget about Stacking (8.5), Costume Quest (7.5) and Trenched (Iron Brigade in Europe, 7)!


Re: Brütal Legend for PC

Posted: 28 Feb 2013, 01:53
by ANeMzero
Mara Kalat wrote:and Trenched (Iron Brigade in Europe, 7)!

It is Iron Brigade the whole world round. It seems Double Fine didn't want to mess around with confusing region specific names.

As for Brutal Legend, it isn't great, but it is good enough. The fact is that it tried a bunch of things and not all of them were executed particularly well. You've got an open world game mashed with an RTS mashed with a brawler and it just didn't quite pan out for any of those things. The brawling is uninspired and the RTS is far too simplistic to be much fun, and the content offered by the open world is questionable at best. Furthermore, the driving mechanics for traversing said open world are clunky at best and the optional racing side quests are duller than dull.

However, it still isn't a bad game despite all the game parts being somewhat bad. The redeeming quality of the entire game is really the Metal Motif. The soundtrack is fantastic and the world has enough interesting sights to see to justify just driving around and enjoying what the game has to offer.

Re: Brütal Legend for PC

Posted: 28 Feb 2013, 02:16
by Mara Kalat
ANeMzero wrote:It is Iron Brigade the whole world round. It seems Double Fine didn't want to mess around with confusing region specific names.


I didn't know that, guess they must have changed the US name after release then or something since I'd swear I played the US trial version and it was still called Trenched back then.
Guess it makes more sense to have it uniform.


Re: Brütal Legend for PC

Posted: 28 Feb 2013, 14:43
by Elaro
What are you talking about, AneMzero? The RTS and driving were fine. The whole gameplay schtick of BL is being a warchief leading from the front, double-teaming with your dudes at appropriate moments, dropping solos to turn the tide of battle, etc. Honestly the game makes a lot more sense if you play it multiplayer.

And the driving is also very fine! Ok, it's not a racing sim, but for what's there, it's pretty good! Better than driving in the Halos, for example.

And on a scale of 0-10, I'd give it a 9.

Re: Brütal Legend for PC

Posted: 01 Mar 2013, 01:16
by zfubarz
It's worth the 15-20 dollars for sure, It's a fun game, with decent length and a great heavy metal shtick.

I mean when Lemmy is one of your partners and Ozzy is satan, you really can't go wrong