Gears of War 3

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Gears of War 3

Postby Pimpin J » 05 Jun 2013, 14:45

I didn't see anyone post about it, and I know its a little old but I have been playing Gears of War 3.
So far this game is good but nothing too innovative about it. The story is solid although you are not given much details about what is going on and are just thrown in. As far as the game play its the exact same as the 2nd one. Nothing new that I can see. It does feel a little easier since I haven't hit a part that I got stuck at. So its either easier or I am just that damn good.

My biggest complaint would be what they did with the horde mode. I loved the horde mode in the 2nd game. I thought it was a great idea to have 5 players against waves of baddies having to work together, and at that time I don't think I had played anything like it. They continue the style in the 3rd game, but added the ability to construct different barriers, guns, and decoys with money you earn each wave ( 1 point = $1 ). Sounds good in theory, but the problem I have is that the upgrades are too expensive and break so easily that most of the time they are not worth using. Also the supply boxes , guns, and grenades that were lying around in the 2nd game now also cost money to pick up. So you have to decide between the upgrades or resupplying your own guns. And again they are too expensive.

Another feature of the Horde mode is in the 10th wave along with a ton of enemies you get a Boss creature. This can be a Brumak, Lambent Berserker, Berserker, Gunker, Reaver Squad, Corpser. Again a cool idea, but if you get stuck with the Lambent Berserker you are screwed for about 20 min. This is a god awful fight that takes forever if you win.

Overall its a good game, enjoyable if you liked the series. I hope they fix some of the issues with the horde mode, but its not a game killer.
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Re: Gears of War 3

Postby psychopez » 08 Jul 2013, 15:37

As an achievement hound, I played this game and got Seriously 3.0.

Never...never again...

Althought I made sure to make the kill that got me it was a chainsaw kill. So there's that...

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