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Posted: 19 Apr 2014, 10:22
by KiteNeravar
Playing my way through FFX HD on the Vita, I just went to load my game and deleted my only save file.

I was at the point where I was in Guadosalam (right after getting Rikku), but I hadn't gone to see Seymour yet. I had all the Al Bhed books to that point and the 3 Crest you could get at that point (Jupiter, Mars, and Moon I believe).

Does anyone have a save near here that they could upload somewhere? If that is even possible

Re: FFX HD Vita

Posted: 19 Apr 2014, 11:53
by Darkobra
There are a few sites who usually have saves but that's usually of completed games with 255 all stats, so on, so forth. I looked it up there and there are only 3 saves with exactly that. Nothing even halfway.

You might be hard pressed to find one with everything you've done, everything you've earned and the spot you're at. Especially specifically on the Vita.

If you're fortunate enough to have FFX for PS3 and a PS3 itself, you could try to find a save for either console and data transfer. Although I don't think many people have even gone that route.

You're not too far so you might just have to start from scratch. It sucks, it has happened to me A LOT on the PS1/PS2 with Final Fantasy games and corrupt save files but you do get through it quicker than you realise as the experiences are fresh in your mind.

Re: FFX HD Vita

Posted: 19 Apr 2014, 12:30
by KiteNeravar
That's what I was afraid of, it's just tough to restart a game with unskippable cut-scenes. I guess I'll be able to fix the few mistakes I made this time around. Thanks for your help.