Pokemon ORAS secret base share

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Pokemon ORAS secret base share

Postby Therberus » 02 Dec 2014, 11:07

Since I couldn't find a thread for this, I decided to make one so all LRR fans can share their lovingly crafted secret bases !!!

Heres mine to start us off :http://3ds.pokemon-gl.com/user/I-204-2309-L/secretbase

Also here's my friend code if you're into that sort of stuff... weirdo...

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Re: Pokemon ORAS secret base share

Postby Sky_rider19 » 02 Dec 2014, 18:08

As soon as I settle on a base I will post it here first! Finding the perfect spot is so hard sometimes...
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Re: Pokemon ORAS secret base share

Postby Omega Lairon » 03 Dec 2014, 22:58


I had to remember this topic was here to post it up. I don't normally do a lot of post-game stuff in Pokemon (I know, I'm weird), so it wasn't exactly front of my mind. Still, here it is.

Feel free to stop by and whale on my thoroughly below average team... I'm one of those crazy people who thinks you should use Pokemon you like, and not the 5 or 6 specific ones that you *NEED* to use to win world championships. Their move sets are a joke, their IVs are sub par, and I didn't even bother training specific EVs for 'em, but damn it, they're MY sup-par trash mons.


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Re: Pokemon ORAS secret base share

Postby rucdoc » 25 Dec 2014, 17:05

Just got a ds for Christmas, will be getting omega shortly.

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