Should I buy a PS4?

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Should I buy a PS4?

Postby PerringtonOwl » 23 Aug 2015, 02:02

Hello to you all,

So I'm debating whether to purchase a PS4 and would like some opinions. My fiancée and I have an Xbox 360 at the moment - she mostly just plays Western RPG series (Dragon Age, Mass Effect, Elder Scrolls, Fable, Fallout) and I might add a few action shooter/RPGs to that list (Tomb Raider, Saints Row).

Essentially, I'm trying to ascertain whether there are enough games out there at the moment that would buying a PS4 worthwhile for both of us, or just getting a PS3 and waiting for more stuff to come out. I gather that you can't access the full network of old PS1 titles on a PS4 either (big fans of Crash and Spyro here!) - is this true?

Thanks for reading, suggestions very much appreciated.

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Re: Should I buy a PS4?

Postby ANeMzero » 23 Aug 2015, 13:10

Currently I lack any real enthusiasm for my choice to buy a PS4. However, this is partially due to being a PC gamer primarily; a lot of titles I could have bought (and given the age of my PC, probably should have bought) on the PS4 were instead purchased for my computer.

With The Witcher 3 already out, and Fallout 4 hitting soon it might be a good time to look into a PS4 for western RPGs. If you're looking for an even more classical western RPG, Divinity: Original Sin is also working its way to the PS4 "Soon," and it will support local co-op which might make for a delightful experience.

You're definitely not going to see those on your 360. As for the PS3, I don't seem to recall it getting many western rpg exclusives over the 360, and the few action titles you could probably take or leave. Moreover, some of biggest standout shootery titles (Last of Us, Uncharted) are either on PS4 now, or are coming in the future. Unless you can find one pretty cheap the PS3 probably wouldn't be a good choice at this time.

You're right however that the PS4 lacks any backwards compatibility. It currently cannot run PS1 classics from PSN, and putting a PS1 disc in the tray just throws up an error message.
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Re: Should I buy a PS4?

Postby Darkobra » 30 Aug 2015, 14:55

The lack of PS1 and PS2 games on PS4 is true. Even if you've already bought it on PSN. You can only play them on PS3, PSP or PS Vita. The PS4 is slowly getting games out in the next year or so. But by that time, the 500GB model will be obsolete and the 1TB model is going to be the next king.

Basically all your games install everything on your hard drive. The entire game. All of it. Your CD is only DRM and everything loads from your hard drive. And if you do get one, change your controller light to dim in settings because bright gives your PS4 controller a WHOLE HOUR BATTERY LIFE!

Is it worth it now? No. Mine is currently a Netflix machine on which I sometimes play Styx or Final Fantasy Type O. But considering what IS going to come out for it, especially on the RPG front, I'd say definitely get one down the line.
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Re: Should I buy a PS4?

Postby DrAppleman » 30 Aug 2015, 15:46

Depends on what you're looking for in a console really, it has some games right now and they're not bad from what I hear so if you're looking into playing those games then yes get it but if you just want a new console going previous gen isn't too bad, which is what I did and I'm quite happy with my ps3 which plus is an excellent blueray player and playing online doesn't cost extra.

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