When a video game really grabs you

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When a video game really grabs you

Postby Bananafish » 18 Apr 2009, 14:56

Immersion is an all important characteristic of video games that can make them an enjoyable adventure or tiresome trudge.

One of those times when I was really immersed in a video game was when I was younger and I was playing Megaman Legends (cant remember if it was 1 or 2) and there was this underwater level.

After fighting a bunch of monsters I enter a room that looks all pink and above there were these giant stingrays swimming above me and the object was to jump from one to the other and reach the top. The eerie silence, the fact that something wasnt trying to murder me for once made me all the more suspicious and left me on the edge of my seat, the 'schoom' sound made whenever I jumped was never more exemplified than in that giant and largely empty room.

It was probably the creepiest part I'd ever played in a video game but it was fantastic in its simplicity and was pulled off so well that I loved it.
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Postby wedrinkritalin » 19 Apr 2009, 04:27

Damn right, not once in S.T.A.L.K.E.R did I not feel like I was involved in the story and the general atmosphere even down to being scared out of my mind.
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Postby SimpsonsParadox » 19 Apr 2009, 05:38

Bioshock is currently doing that to me. Just listening to splicers ramble on before you fight them is eerily immersive, let alone things like Big Daddies escorting around Little Sisters and the like.
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Postby Emperor Gum » 19 Apr 2009, 06:13

Marathon 2: Durandal.

When Durandal's ship Boomer crashed and everythings going to shit, it was me dual wielding shotguns against a hoard of aliens. Awesome.
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Postby Cade Antilles » 19 Apr 2009, 07:50

Call of Duty 4 on Hardcore Search and Destroy. No, seriously, it's true. No HUD and (before they patched it) no names above anyone's heads, even friendlies. Plus, realistic weapon damage, friendly-fire on, and no respawns. Plus, when friendlies are killed, they go to spectator mode and you can't hear them anymore (gets really eerie).

When I first started playing it, it really sucked me in to the atmosphere. There was one time, I was crouched next to a wall along with a friend. We could see our target just to the right of us, but we had no idea where the enemy was. So, my friend slowly creeped up and poked his head out. "Looks all clear," he said. Then, "Wait. I think th-" BOOM! Headshot! Blood sprayed out the back of his head, the sniper’s bullet cutting him off mid-sentence. Freaked the crap out of me! I still get chills thinking about that match.
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Postby Cake » 19 Apr 2009, 09:37

I don't usually get immersed in video games, because my mind needs to do other things. However, I've been playing Bioshock the last 7 hours.
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Postby Cureless_Poison » 19 Apr 2009, 12:20

I completely immerse myself for the first time playing a game, after that it's Rambo mode. Reason being why I never get scared playing Silent Hill or Resident Evil.
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Postby CyberTractor » 19 Apr 2009, 12:54

I really enjoyed Jericho. I was really immersed since you literally jump from character to character and you have to know their names and abilities in order to do well in the game. The story starts off a little confusing, but gets far more interesting.
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Postby Alterran » 19 Apr 2009, 13:24

When I got Dead Space on PS3, I played it for christ knows how long straight. The atmosphere of the game is brilliant, and I love it to bits.
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Postby Cybren » 19 Apr 2009, 14:13

Mass Effect did it for me, but I was trying my darnedest because I immediately noticed when they were bullshitting in the trailers or cut features that sounded awesome.
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Postby browncoat » 19 Apr 2009, 14:15

I remember two games that really grabbed me.
#1 Deus Ex. I played through it (the first time) in one 2-day-session only broken by short phases of sleeping and eating. I just HAD to go on playing, it was such fucking great game!
#2 Fallout 3. I could only play it on the weekend, and I found that waiting for the weekend was really hard.

Luckily, once I finish a game that "fever" is gone. Also, the ending of FO3 royally disappointed me, which makes all the buildup feel bad in hindsight.

Another thing: In my quest of playing all Final Fantasy games in order (skipping XI) I have now finished FFVII: Crisis Core, and I am SO in love with Aerith... I don't know if I can watch her die again : (
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Postby Evil Jim » 21 Apr 2009, 00:11

Shadow of the Colossus.

The first time I encountered some of those colossi I was truly terrified. Bug-eyed & frozen, I could only stare for a moment as my body was in "fight or flight" mode & I tried to explain to it that it was only a game.
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Postby Unlucky » 21 Apr 2009, 04:12

Games that have really gotten me into them:

Final Fantasy 8
Left 4 Dead.

Don't get me wrong, there are tonnes of other games out there I love and would play again, but those four games have immersed me the most. Left 4 Dead just because well, I've never had more fun on a PC. :P
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Postby Elomin Sha » 21 Apr 2009, 04:36

CyberTractor wrote:I really enjoyed Jericho. I was really immersed since you literally jump from character to character and you have to know their names and abilities in order to do well in the game. The story starts off a little confusing, but gets far more interesting.

You're the only other person beside Hakaryu that I know who likes Jericho. Playing it the second time (first on PC second on 360) I was hooked more.

Personally I get drawn into RPGs like more often Final Fantasy VII and Mass Effect. And then there's Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask. Those games do so much right.
I also got pulled in by Ace Combat 6, Unskippable worthy cutscenes but if you let them take you in they work very well. Wish the game let me fly the Harrier.
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Postby davefp » 21 Apr 2009, 05:38

Bioshock was pretty damn immersive. I remember playing through the first time in 4 hour chunks, whenever I could muster the courage to play. That was a scary game.

I also played through Portal and Half-Life Episode 2 in a single session each. Portal particularly 'grabbed' me, I just had to see what would happen next.
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Postby Lyinginbedmon » 21 Apr 2009, 05:59

The last time a game grabbed me I cut it with a knife.
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Postby Hakaryu » 21 Apr 2009, 06:01

browncoat wrote:
Another thing: In my quest of playing all Final Fantasy games in order (skipping XI) I have now finished FFVII: Crisis Core, and I am SO in love with Aerith... I don't know if I can watch her die again : (

Blame cloud. Bitch coulda used a phoenix down, or taken her to an inn or for crying out loud, used the phoenix materia.
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Re: When a video game really grabs you

Postby Nomadic » 26 Apr 2009, 17:12

Bioshock first and foremost. There is nothing more amazing than that first shot as you ride down in the bathysphere through the water and Rapture is revealed. There is nothing more terrifying than the sight of a Big Daddy clomping through the waterlogged hallways of the Medical Pavilion and realizing that you, yes you, would have to kill one of them soon enough.

Dead Space. There is no HUD other than what would logically be on someone who was standing in a space-age mining facility. The weaponry, though somewhat overpowered for a normal hand-tool still seems somewhat reasonable for a mining ship. The aliens, before you figure out their patterns, seem to come from everywhere around you. Above, below, the sides, behind, in front--they're actually everywhere. The first few minutes of actual gameplay are just you running for your life. It's amazing.

Believe it or not, I'm going to have to add Resident Evil 5 and Devil May Cry 4 into the mix. Yes, I realize the plot of the latter left alot to be desired and the former seems odd to be grouped in with DMC4, but both of these games I played and enjoyed and really got into. For the most part, my reactions were more like "You idiot! Stop doing that!" to Nero or "B***h! Stop shooting me in the back and shoot THEM instead!" to the chick in RE5, but I got into them and enjoyed them immensely. Call me crazy, but they were fun and sucked me in.
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Re: When a video game really grabs you

Postby ThrashJazzAssassin » 02 May 2009, 04:53

In Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, when I first got into the Inverted Castle, the sudden lack of map and "Aaah! I'm falling into the sky!" feeling genuinely freaked me out. Didn't calm down until I found a save point and felt more secure.

I found myself really enjoying the scenery in Myst III: Exile. Not the graphics, the scenery. Most beautiful game I've ever played.
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Re: When a video game really grabs you

Postby Smidge » 02 May 2009, 05:23

I had this with Final Fantasy 6. ( 3 US )

During the part where your group gets split up into 3 groups.
Sabin's group, at a point gets to the Phantom forrest and Phantom train. ( for those that haven't played it I won't spoil what happens here )

It's been 14 years since I played it, but still that part of the game sticks with me as being designed masterfully. The atmosphere of it all, the music, the graphics, the storyline, all simply amazing.
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Suplex time!

Postby ThrashJazzAssassin » 02 May 2009, 16:06

To be honest, I think anyone who's listened to a few LRRcasts will have had the bit with the train spoiled for them. I recall mentions of it on several different occasions.

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