The Story of Beej

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Re: The Story of Beej

Postby UNHchabo » 17 Sep 2013, 12:08

Master Gunner wrote:
JackSlack wrote:Wait. So, in the cHustleverse, that is Cam's actual job?

It's one of many. He's actually the cHustle equivalent of Henry from Eureka, but likes to keep it quiet. Need to stop by City Hall to get some permits? It will be Cam denying you because you filled out form 127-A instead of 127-B. Need a real estate agent? Cam will be happy to tell you every little thing about how your house will never sell. Show up at the Doctor's office on the right day, it'll be Cam asking you to turn your head and cough. Opening a restaurant? Not after Health Inspector Cam is through with you. Patent Office? Cam. Tech support? Cam. Sex line? I'll be back in 10.

I've never seen Eureka, but I did just finish Psychonauts... so alternatively, Cam is the equivalent of Ford Cruller -- he has multiple personalities, and goes by different names depending on what job he's doing at the moment. Ranger Cruller, Admiral Cruller, etc.
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Re: The Story of Beej

Postby Pimpin J » 17 Sep 2013, 13:56

Loved the all beej opening!

One of my favorite openings since the " they aren't dead" one.

Although I thought this was going to be an origin story 8)
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Re: The Story of Beej

Postby DSmaster21 » 21 Sep 2013, 14:27

Can any of the crew tell me whether I heard this part of Paul's PSA at the end right?

"...Our Kickstarter is about funding the 11th and Final season of LRR sketches..."

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Re: The Story of Beej

Postby Jamfalcon » 21 Sep 2013, 14:58

Yeah, you heard it correctly. The video on their Kickstarter explains what's going on.
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Re: The Story of Beej

Postby Graham » 21 Sep 2013, 15:37

DSmaster21 wrote:Can any of the crew tell me whether I heard this part of Paul's PSA at the end right?

"...Our Kickstarter is about funding the 11th and Final season of LRR sketches..."

As Jamfalcon said, it's best you hear it from the KickStarter video.

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Re: The Story of Beej

Postby empath » 22 Sep 2013, 04:49

...just writing, producing and publishing a comedy short EVERY frickin' week(!) (and all for - what my wife likes to call - "YouTube pennies" ;) ) is going to come to a close.

And let's be honest, 10-11 years is MUCH longer than anyone can expect anything good to carry on (Dr.Who notwithstanding)
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Re: The Story of Beej

Postby WAYF » 22 Sep 2013, 18:12

When I see the Beej-ified opening credits, I don't imagine the names being said aloud. Because when they're different names, it feels more like a list. With Beej, it feels more like an obsession.

Which is why, when I see "BEEJ, BEEJ, BEEJ" coming up on the screen over and over again, in my head I hear the words "BEEJ, BEEJ, BEEJ" said with the same sort of cadence reserved for things like

I think it works rather well. :P
Better than The Graduate works anyway. That whole movie was alternately boring and completely nonsensical, and worse, it completely butchers Simon and Garfunkel for all but the most tolerant listeners. The only S&G song I can listen to regularly these days is Bridge Over Troubled Waters, simply because I heard every OTHER notable S&G song enough times to last me A LIFETIME while watching The Graduate.

But what really struck me about this video was how much Beej, like Paul before him (in "Has This Ever Happened to You?"), really sold the comical disability as... well, an actual disability. It honestly kind of reminded me of Tourettes Syndrome.

"I once thought it would be ... impossibru to return to my old life, but now I feel like a sir *twitch* l-like a boss *twitch* like... me."

Funny and slightly heartbreaking. Well done.
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