commodoreHUSTLE 03 - Critical

Talk about commodoreHUSTLE, LRR's continuing web series.
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commodoreHUSTLE 03 - Critical

Postby Paul » 08 Dec 2008, 10:53

Most. Needlessly. Drawn. Out. Shoot. Ever.

This video was supposed to go up last week, but for some reason we were kinda busy at the time.

Note:'s transcoding seems to be backed up at the moment, so the m4v version may not be online for a little bit
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Re: commodoreHUSTLE 03 - Critical

Postby Graham » 08 Dec 2008, 11:00

Paul wrote:Most. Needlessly. Drawn. Out. Shoot. Ever.

I hate it when we have to reshoot a reshoot.
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Postby Unclever title » 08 Dec 2008, 11:13

"It's so on..."

Sounds like a plot excuse for several episodes.

Good work, on a side note does microwaving dice actually work like that?

If so *Insidious grin*

Again this :twisted: is not enough.
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Postby Yaxley » 08 Dec 2008, 11:14

I had to go back and re-watch part of the video because I drowned it out from laughing at Paul explaining the variations of pwn.

Excellent work, guys. cHUSTLE gets better with each new episode.
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Postby theashigaru » 08 Dec 2008, 11:15

Awesome hustle LRR! I think that's the first time we've seen Jer's apartment. Did you actually get weighted dice or did you just shoot the dice clips over and over and over again. The latter seems like a lot of work.

I really enjoyed Paul's pwn presentation. Also, the reference to Graham's perverted porn-- Hilarious! It did seem like some of the lines didn't flow quite as well as they have in previous eps. Did anyone else think this too, or am I the only one?
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Postby Tim » 08 Dec 2008, 11:17

Despite being involved in various ways and generally knowing most or all of the script beforehand, I am still blown away and forced to LOL when these come out.

Good show!
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Postby Lyinginbedmon » 08 Dec 2008, 11:25

Foreboding Kathleen is extremely ominous :twisted:

As a D&D player, this video had an extra nougat-filled layer of awesome.
Unclever title wrote:Good work, on a side note does microwaving dice actually work like that?

If so *Insidious grin*

Kinda, if you place them with the 1s facing up and then nuke for a small amount of time the plastic will pool on the bottom slightly, thus making the dice preferential to landing on 1.

Most seasoned players will notice the slightly different shape to the die though.
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Postby Jester » 08 Dec 2008, 11:27

OMG This video totally pwn'd my @$$. (What...I'm not fond of profanity, but I felt the joke required it...stop laughing at me.)

*wonders how Beardless Paul will be integrated into the next episode of cHustle.*
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Postby Evisr » 08 Dec 2008, 11:28

too many lols.. must shut up before I get fired at work! (aka it was really damn good)
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Postby bence » 08 Dec 2008, 11:29

Wow. Fabulous work, guys. Best production and script video since...well, since Desert Bus killed the Internet Star.

I love how Graham is reinventing his character for nearly every episode.

But what's with all the hair?
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Postby Dark the Reaper » 08 Dec 2008, 11:39

bence wrote:But what's with all the hair?

Most of it was shot before Desert Bus

Also, Great Video Guys, Love the story Arc
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Postby Daco » 08 Dec 2008, 11:40

great job guys :D
loved the nesbox XDD

also, is that the same coffee shop from rapidfire? o.o;
i've seen that symbol on that wall before...
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Postby LordNullset » 08 Dec 2008, 11:43

Bahaha! This video was AWESOME! I don't usually actually laugh out loud at anything, but I did at a couple points during this video :). Like Lyinginbedmon, I am a D&D player and a to-be DM, so there's that much extra kick to the D&D parts. I especially enjoy that Jer is so insane about killing off his PCs - it is really fun to screw with the players! :D
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Postby GHOVO » 08 Dec 2008, 11:44

DnD, NES, iPhone, etc. etc.

This vid is AWESOME, the last 2 vids are possibly my favourite all time LRR vids, Srsly. I cannot get over this vid. I had the HUGS smile on my face from beginning to end and it isnt going away
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Postby wilson_x1999 » 08 Dec 2008, 11:45

I wish I had known that thing with the microwave and the dice when I played D&D, my DM really, REALLY deserved to go crazy ¬¬... bastard

The NESBOX was cool, if I had time/money I'd try to customize my own to look like an NES XD

I really liked Morgan's line about someone failing more than Matt XD

This has been the best Monday ever! I got to see 2 new videos today :3
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Postby CtMolloy » 08 Dec 2008, 11:46

Awesome! I too had to rewatch part of it due to laughing so much at Paul's variations of pwn.
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Postby Zack » 08 Dec 2008, 11:46

commodoreHUSTLE = A landmark in motion picture achievement

Honestly, guys, I love this series. The writing, the flow, the acting, the costumes, the jokes, and the continuity, they all make these videos FANTASTIC.


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Postby Kroze » 08 Dec 2008, 11:49

Wow... this is such a great story arc...
I've always had a feeling you guys would do awesome with an actual show like set of videos...
Can't wait to see the next one!
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Postby Jillers » 08 Dec 2008, 11:53

Did Not Like:
- James pulling the NES game from his shirt
- Kathleen's quick change at the end
(both of them felt a little too absurd, and a bit cliched)
- Jer's "Unlucky" Story Arch
(It was set up with the green tea thing in the beginning, and when Bill and Morgan were messing with his dice, it was obvious where it was going. My issue with it is that there isn't enough of Jer believing he's unlucky before finding out it was just Bill and Morgan messing with him, in my opinion)

Did Like:
- The buildup to final conjugation of "to pwn"
(At first I thought it felt a bit flat, but the last one, combined with Paul's delivery, wouldn't have been funny without all of that)
- The Scripting between Matt and James
- The NESBox logo
- Matt's WoW/Mary Poppins song
- The "Graham Love Video Games A Bit Too Much" Sequence
(especially the little bit when he's hiding beneath the box)
- The D&D Game. It was perfect.

Unfortunately, the only time a GM in our group ever botched their rolls is when I'm the GM.
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Postby Aztec Cowboy Mafia » 08 Dec 2008, 11:54

So I'm assuming you guys actually microwaved the dice - otherwise I don't even want to know how long it would take to shoot so many rolls with pure 1s. :P

Also I nearly did a spit take when Graham's thinking spot was revealed.
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Postby AlexanderDitto » 08 Dec 2008, 11:55

Friggin' awesome.

Jer is such an insideous DM! I'm glad I recently started playing D&D, I was laughing really hard at those jokes.

Also, Graham's thinkin' spot is pretty cool. And Kathleen is scary. She can just... her hat and glasses just... AUGH! Don't hurt me! D:

Oh Wikipedia! No one can escape your slimy tendrils of awesome.

Oh, and the Paul explaining the Phail meanings was super awesome, too. Oh Paul! You make the best deadpan scientist presenter since Carl Sagan.
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Postby King Kool » 08 Dec 2008, 11:56

Finally, the line: "Was that Mary Poppins?" is explained.

Who's the older guy playing D&D with Jer?

I didn't notice a difference in quality with Tim's camera and the LRR camera. Which scenes were shot on Tim's camera?

Did you shoot the all sixes shots in reverse? I doubt you could be bothered to wait for them to roll natural 1's.
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Postby anitpirate » 08 Dec 2008, 11:56

Great video.

I had a question though, what are the statuses of the various LRR crew members with respect to D&D in reality?(as in currently play/have played in the past/haven't played) I do know the anwser for a couple of the members( and I understand that HUSTLE is based in reality so guesses could be made I just want certainty).

Also reasons would be nice for those who've never tried it and those that have quit.

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Postby Graham » 08 Dec 2008, 11:59

anitpirate wrote:I had a question though, what are the statuses of the various LRR crew members with respect to D&D in reality

We have all played (except Kathleen), Jer stills currently DM's (and that is his actual group), Paul doesn't actually play GURPS, and I did have Dwarf character named Gotreim Ironhelm, who Bill constantly called Goat-stream.
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Postby Cheeseonfire » 08 Dec 2008, 12:01

That's insidious
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