Bound by Flame - Zombies Be Scoutin'

Discussion of LRR's weekly mockery of video game cutscenes.
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Bound by Flame - Zombies Be Scoutin'

Postby Graham » 09 Jun 2014, 11:34

Zombie scouts can't be the most reliable scouts.
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Re: Bound by Flame - Zombies Be Scoutin'

Postby ritchards » 09 Jun 2014, 11:37

You say that, but if that scout did kill the guy, then hey, that's recruitment!
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Re: Bound by Flame - Zombies Be Scoutin'

Postby Lumar » 09 Jun 2014, 12:03

Now it's either because of my lack of either reading or watching Game of Thrones (something I need to correct), my take on the opening was more of WoW. All Lich King and what not. It also would have worked with the Zergling but later on in the video, but who am I to judge
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