Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix

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Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix

Postby Graham » 30 Jul 2014, 22:11

Man, whatever drugs this kid is on, I'd like to try some.
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Re: Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix

Postby ritchards » 30 Jul 2014, 22:14

Huh, and Co-optitude also is doing Kingdom Hearts.... co-incidence? I think so!
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Re: Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix

Postby Aydin225 » 31 Jul 2014, 08:43

I just started replaying Kingdom Hearts again yesterday, and thinking most of the exact same stuff.

With all the sequels and everything, you can tell that the story writers knew this lore in and out...but I think they're the only ones. The first 30 minutes of that game make no goddamn sense at all
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Re: Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix

Postby Bebop Man » 31 Jul 2014, 23:49

That made me want to play it again, even though it's a pretty slow start.
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Re: Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix

Postby BlueChloroplast » 11 Aug 2014, 08:56

The stained glass makes more sense knowing later games as it is basically a journey to the center of the mind (think that is the Trope) though in this series it would be heart rather than mind. The Kingdom Hearts story lore is clearly planned ahead from some things you see in the Castle at the end of the game (Hollow Bastion) but feels like it is being made up as it goes along. I really like the games gameplay wise because it is really fun to just go around defeating enemies.

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